9:57 AM

No one is dismissing your feelings or your reality but you are dismissing the feelings of the cis women who have spoken here. No one is saying that what you have gone through is not bad and that you derserve the right to be who you wish to be. You are reacting to women who are uncritically telling you how they feel Read more

1:59 PM

Really? Not trying to be snarky, genuinely curious. Girls and women who choose traditionally “male” pursuits are treated significantly differently from the men in said fields/hobbies, and also experience ostracization from men and women alike for eschewing dominant notions of femininity. Read more

10:21 AM

Seriously. I get that this is old news but I don’t get the people blindly defending her. It just makes me sick.

12:28 PM

You can’t say you’re “genuinely trying not to be an asshole to a baby” and then go ahead and be one anyway. It’s like saying “no offence” and then being a jerk. I find people speculating about Kanye’s mental health to be gross too, but doing that by involving a child into it and then speculating about the child being Read more

9:17 PM

We all how much you love to HATE BEYONCE but don’t compare her to Trump. It’s ridiculous.

1:36 PM

They won’t check every woman. They will only check the women they view to be the “wrong” kind of women. Please don’t pretend like this will have a negative effect on all women when the truth is that will only affect a small number of already marginalized women.

1:40 PM

McKesson’s run for Mayor of Baltimore, as powerful a symbolic message as it might look to be, falls right into a long tradition of strident activism being replaced by a movement of the few directly into the what’s often called the “professional-managerial class.” A handful of notable individuals emerge from the Read more

12:52 PM

Thanks! I appreciate it, and I appreciate you taking time to think over your answer so absolutely no rush! I only check my kinja like once a week anyways.

12:26 PM

I’m happy for nate parker truly. And nat turner’s rebellion is not something that gets taught in schools so this is important. With that being said. Not surprising. White people love slave narratives. As a black woman I’m over it. Black Americans are more and did more than slavery. Call me back when there’s a fantasy Read more