Oooooollllliiiiivvvvveeeeerrrr...!!!! Read more

I liked the '86 Turbo better. I guess the 86's taillights (IMO) were better looking. Also, my dad had one in red, and I used to ride in it and be terrified (being 6 and all). Loved it though!

I LOVE that car!

I believe I can I can FLLLLYYYYYYYY! Read more

Ugh. The Ultimate Douche Machine. Read more

That is the best looking the world. Read more

If they'd just bring the ACTUAL performance variant, with AWD, it would have been better. Read more

Chuck Norris looked at each one of them rolling of the assembly line, and said, "You will not break down".

There's always the aftermarket. I mean, it is a Chevy! Read more

I think it's sex on wheels, but that's just me. Read more

That car IMO is beautiful! I have always loved the older RS models for their understated beauty, with only a slight hint of sportiness (i.e. vents). They were the type car that ordinary people may mistake for an ordinary Audi, but be adored by a gearhead. It would make them stop and say, "Hey! That's an S/RS4!",