Nov 30

People rarely like admitting that they made a mistake. They like admitting it even less when it means they wasted money. They like it even less than that when the amount of money they wasted is obvious, incredibly conspicuous and a status symbol.
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Oct 23

So everybody in Editorial is mad about this too. Besides the fact that it looks terrible, we have to actually work in Kinja all day long. Read more

Oct 14 2019

A good time to remember that Colin Kaepernick gave up his job and all the considerable perks that come with it to stand up against injustice, while LeBron James, whose legacy and bank account are both more secure, is unwilling to risk even a small fraction of future earnings to speak on one of the few world issues Read more

Sep 5 2019

Used Kia Stinger a fastback quasi-luxury sedan with stunning looks and a punchy power train. There are many available with under 30k miles for $21-25k. It’s a car that demands attention, fun to drive, comes with Kia’s long warranty. I implore you to find a better answer!

Sep 5 2019

The right answer is unquestionably a used Lexus LS or GS. A few year old GS 350 AWD F Sport is pretty nice looking.

Sep 5 2019

I mean, couldn’t *one* of you have given him a reasonable answer?  The only non-troll answer is the Acadia, and he literally said he had no use for an SUV.  I get that there’s a comedy element, but I thought there were supposed to be a few helpful suggestions?

Jun 11 2019

So basically they’re at Tesla’s “beta” Autopilot stage, but correctly calling them prototypes and using them in controlled situations and absorbing liability rather than giving under-prepared car users an EULA and letting them go nuts with a deceptively-named feature? Read more

Apr 22 2019

Tesla is ahead of schedule.  They weren’t expecting to blow up in China for a couple more years.

Feb 9 2019

It’s not supposed to be cool. Cool things are either impractical or gimmicky based on current trends. Read more

Jan 31 2019

“My savings are zilch and my debt is high. I will likely have to dig into my retirement account to cover a down payment” Read more

Dec 6 2018

Not really, but the chances of him actually handing this darn thing down to his kids, which by the way don’t even exist yet, is slim. So I figure he should just enjoy the car for now. 

Dec 4 2018

So when will we find out that every VW EV actually has a tiny diesel engine powering it?