Sep 10

I’m willing to bet there is some gel insert action going on in there. At any rate— they BEAT THE FUCK outta high heels! 

Aug 19

Agreed. Totally bizarre comment to make. 

Aug 18

Maybe we saw different episodes of What Not To Wear, but I got a totally different feeling from Stacy London.  I felt she was showing people what to wear so their bodies looked good no matter what their size.  Since my size was changing at the time, I appreciated it.

Jul 14

I’m totally gutted about Grant Imahara’s passing. He was one of the best things about Mythbusters. Really feeling for his family and friends right now. 

Jun 30

Funny how we love to give second chances to white males while other groups do not even get one to begin with.

Jun 29

Sorry, but Kimmel was not funny during his Man Boy Show days, and he isn’t funny now. Giving him credit for being slightly less of a prick now that his profile is higher doesn’t change that fact.  He simply isn’t funny or witty.  His only saving grace is he isn’t as bad as James Corden.

Jun 29

She’s not a Karen, or even a Becky. She’s what they call an Ivanka. An affluent white woman masquerading as a do-gooder but privately committing all manner of atrocities.

Jun 29

Jimmy’s defense of the Man Show is a very serious version of “It’s all a joke, innit!” from This is Spinal Tap when the band had to defend the proposed Smell the Glove album cover.

Jun 25

I, a mixed person, would love to do this voiceover work. BUT, I want Cree Summer to do one of these, because 2020 needs the voice of Susie Carmichael!

Jun 23

I want both Mount Rushmore and Stone Mountain to be blasted to smithereens so those carvings go away. They are gross.

Jun 23

Ah, man, I had forgotten about the toilet plumes. Great, another two weeks until I hopefully forget again.

Jun 22

Yes, my husband is sweet and wise and looks kinda like the guy from Hometown. Basically a cuddle bear who is also really freaking smart. HOWEVER, his parents did not teach him how to clean because he would have a wife and helping him to learn is making my eye twitch right now. What do you mean you don’t know how to Read more

Jun 22

It’s fine, I don’t need to be constantly surrounded by smart nerdy people who have the same interests 100% of the time, but ranting to my old flatmate about this for 45 minutes did make me realize that uhhh maybe it is a requirement for any actual longterm relationship lol.

Jun 18

KS is “The Emperor’s New Clothes”of acting.

Jun 12

Thinking about her wearing the “I don’t really care, do U?” jacket while going to a photo op with caged migrant children still makes me sick

Jun 9

Your statement that white people get shot more, is true. That’s because there’s more white people. The fact that if you’re black, you’re 3x MORE LIKELY to get shot speaks to how even though overall they’re not killed as much, they are specifically targeted out of proportion for the size of their population. That’s Read more

Jun 8

Can I say I am LOVING that everyone has been keeping receipts on the racist shit companies have done over the past few years, and now they’re coming receipt in hand to talk to the manager.