May 9

When I read this article and say the term “headcannon” for some reason I came up with my own reason for the red. It is the blood of all the people White Mage heals soaking up the edges of the uniform. The White Mages gets in and gets the job done, but gets a little messy sometimes saving lives. Read more

Feb 14

Okay, bisexuality also encapsulates attractions to people with gender identities that don’t adhere to the binary, but we’ll press on.

Isn’t that pansexuality ? bi means two, which kinda implies the 2 major genders / adherance to binary

AM I wrong on this ? If so I might’ve been self identifying somewhat wrong for Read more

Jan 3

It’s a good time to explain that even if you disagree there is room for reasonable discussion on the topic, and that responding with taunts, threats and name calling only proves the author’s point

Nov 8

Nah, though I’m not 100% positive when console aim botting started, I know it was pretty rampant with the SOCOM games on PS2. I was working for SCEA at the time and you would not believe what people were willing to say and claim if they got caught cheating- all the way to “It’s my right to cheat. If people don’t like Read more

Nov 7

you’re literally commenting in an article explaining how they are fixing the exact program you’re complaining about

Nov 6

Ian’s just trying to cover all the bases of the ongoing hamster wheel discourse on whether fictional women should be sexy or not.

The first one is the fictional character was given giant boobs, an outfit that shows off the giant boobs, and an idle pose that is literally her swaying her giant boobs because the point of Read more

Nov 6

It’s misogynist to have a character who is a walking pair of tits but it’s ALSO misogynist to not let her express her freedom to be a walking pair of tits...

And also transphobic somehow??? you lost me on that one.

Oct 28 2019

In this case though, I’d argue that intent and reception are two parts of the dialogue. Ostensibly, she has no sexual intent, but you’’re right that subjectively the recipient could find it sexual.
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Oct 27 2019

Mate, project in development NDA is basic thing you need to adhere in this kind of business. “it will only hurt their marketing”, when their business is creating content, leaking the said content is serious thing. Don’t undermine it.
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Oct 14 2019

I know there’s going to be an instinct to sneer at Blitzchung for his seeming capitulation on this, but let’s be honest: 99% of us would do the exact same damn thing in his shoes. The moral high ground is notably lacking in nutritious meals, it’s something Capitalism is centered around: Getting people to compromise Read more

Oct 13 2019

While Livanart is dressed as a black character with black skin, she hasn’t applied make-up or paint; her transformation into Pyke is achieved through the wearing of a prosthetic suit. Critics see this as a loophole, and that the same intent as blackface—to alter your skin colour to match that of a black person, a Read more

Oct 11 2019

I’m personally hoping when they do the Q&A, someone tosses up a fake question during the vetting process, and then brings it up for real at the mic. If a few people do it, they’re going to get kicked out. But if everyone does it, its going to be hilarious to hear what they say.

Oct 11 2019

Stabbing someone with an 8 inch knife and then pulling it back out 4 inches is not progress.

Aug 23 2019

So, awful but true addendum: I attended college at the University of Maine in the late 80s right near Bangor, and locals called that area “Chuckahomo Bridge.” Lovely.

Aug 5 2019

That’s not the point here. Colin said repeatedly that he doesn’t believe he’s owed a platform, and that he’s happy to stay away from where he’s not welcome. The problem is that they gave him a panel, very clearly told him it was okay to advertise to his fans that he’d be there, and then took it away AFTER him and a Read more

Aug 5 2019

I knew something was up with StockX, especially when the app get resetting itself followed by a mysterious password reset due to an update. There should be some penalty toward the company that hides this type of consumer event. I’m tired of the “sorry we messed up AND lied about it BUT we are telling the truth now” Read more

Jul 22 2019

The death of anybody is obviously a tragedy, but the fact that Kyoto Animation was the rare studio that aggressively hires women, pays well, and promotes them to leadership positions means the deaths of 34 members of it’s elite Studio One team is losing some of the top up and coming future female anime directors, lead Read more

Jul 16 2019

I’m actually the Reddit user from the post cited here, specifically what causes the breakage is a small dome shaped hard plastic like material(It’s a composite material made from two compounds) that will wear over time and cause the dust and worn joystick to cause phantom movement essentially dust on the sensor Read more

Jul 16 2019

So - here’s a quick story (my own): I was raped 29 years ago. I was 24, living on my own for the first time (I’d just broken up with an emotionally abusive b/f) and this guy shoved his way into my home and raped me. For many reasons (I was young, I was traumatized, I moved and didn’t go anywhere near that city for Read more