Jun 5 2019

There are probably a lot of important issues to talk about. Some of them might result in our extinction though.

May 30 2019

You make a lot of great points and while I’m inclined to agree with most of them, I think it would be extremely charitable to say all this was in the text of the show. Read more

May 24 2019

Can you (or someone) explain to me why the only rightful heir to the throne gives it up and goes to the Wall just to appease the Unsullied? Read more

May 24 2019

Jon snow received the most fitting ending of all the remaining characters. He truly is a tragic and thankless case. This man has unwillingly accepted countless challenges for the greater good. Was killed by his own brothers for doing what was right. Has saved the world TWICE, having to murder his lover in the Read more

May 24 2019

It was also hammered home pretty consistently that while Jon had the greatest inherited and earned claim for the throne, he’d pretty much entirely hate it and it would be another lifelong burden of duty rather than an ultimate reward for him .
Read more

May 24 2019

I’m fine with Jon not skating by on being Aegon Targaryen. What I’m not fine with is the fact they basically forgot there was actual importance to him being Aegon Targaryen. Read more

May 24 2019

Jon was always meant to be a King. Just not all of Westeros. He’s the King Beyond The Wall. The Man who saved the Free Folk from extinction and was murdered for it. The guy the Free Folk fought for at the Battle of the Bastards even though they were the last of their kind. The Man that the last giant died for. Jon was Read more

May 22 2019

I was one of the people who complained about certain things about the last two seasons, mainly Dany’s heel turn, but I just want to say that we should all be grateful to Benioff, Weiss, HBO, and Martin for bringing this epic story to the fans in the first place and getting it the same level of respect as more Read more

May 21 2019

Winter is magically tied to the Night King so when they say Winter is coming they’re also referring to the Night King.

May 15 2019

It is. She really was dealt a bad hand in life. But, she’s still a tyrant (in the making). It seems to me that people keep forgetting-Dany had to get involved in fight with NK. Her WHOLE kingdom is at stake: if North fails, what will be left? And tbh, of all of them, North suffered the most damage, being the target of Read more

May 15 2019

Dragons are magic in this world and are considered fire made flesh. Dany’s Dragons return sparked a revival of magic in the world so they are VERY powerful magic engines as well. That being said they do need to eat, sleep, and presumably drink. So by extrapolating what we know yes I would say a Dragon can run out of Read more

May 13 2019

It would be nice to think that Dany’s actions come out of nowhere, but I don’t think that’s the case. I dont think you can reasonably dismiss the the amount of ego and hubris it takes to believe you have a right to rule a land you have never even stepped foot on and have the abolute devotion of a people because your in Read more