You are, though, not that I have much sympathy for the delusional third wavers who have ruined women's issues. You go along now and light some incense in front of your shrine to Belle Knox. Just please stop calling yourself a feminist. You're a traitor to our gender. Read more

The WHO is mostly, not surprisingly, comprised of old white men. Sex work, and prostitution, is the temporary suspension of a woman's sexual autonomy. It should be illegal everywhere. Civilized countries that have tried legalised prostitution are moving to make it illegal again, finally. Read more

I think there are probably a lot of people out there, some of them readers of this blog, who are either imperfect jerk parents or imperfect jerk children or imperfect jerk children of imperfect jerk parents. I'm glad it's newsworthy to be able to gloat over those various combinations now whether causally related or Read more

This is precisely an example of the apotheosis of "you do you." Because in a communal society where the welfare of all – obstetric care load, children, parents, women, access to reproductive and pregnancy termination care – a normal altruistic reaction would be, "well, I have this biological condition which in and of Read more

Thank you for asking. I actually did address the "pregnant man" thing in my initial post. I am objecting to the headline (and implicitly the "we're pregnant thing) and this writer's Jezebel cute-if-ying of every story, including this very tragic one and the critiques of the Rolling Stone/UVA journalism. Read more

I appreciate your explanation and being civil. Another way to look at this is that for people who are so driven/tormented/ordained by birth, there are indeed scientific ways now to in almost every way, become, through surgery and hormones, the other, or at least an other, gender. It is science that is making the shift Read more

Park's imprimatur, the references to both vampire and Hitchcock lore and tropes...pretty straight ahead horror, I think. The shot melding the brushing hair/falling leaves is particularly lush and pregnant, but the whole film is beautifully composed, and very painterly in the way In the Bedroom was composed of Read more

Yes because everything including this story which has literally nothing to do with this issue is all about an infinitesimally small part of the population who expect their patriarchal imperatives to carry over into another gender. Even amid women, the population physically capable of becoming and being pregnant is not Read more

I'm sorry, it doesn't matter how much Ani di Franco you've listened to or how much Judith Butler you've read, if you don't have a uterus, you're not getting pregnant. Conversely if you believe, not matter how strongly, that you are some flavour of other gender, and you do have a uterus, your fervency will not prevent y Read more

No complaints about this very solid list except the omission of Stoker. Read more

Well of course women are people, and I see what you are saying. I'm not an individualism-oriented humanist in any case. I think my point was more (given this blogger's insanely detailed post on her makeup regiment and "writerly" flourishes [and just plain incorrect data] in her coverage of the Rolling Stone debacle) Read more

JFC, give the "we're pregnant" trope a rest. It's pregnant women. Pregnant women. Not pregnant "people." Only women get pregnant. Only women agonise in the weeks and days after a sexual assault to find out if they're pregnant. Only women get pregnant after being raped. Only women are violated by being kept on life Read more

You'll never get an answer from the "editors" here. They do not seem to be able to make the correlation between other types of electronic theft and "revenge porn" and this type of closely related behaviour. Just remember that all of Jezebel is a Manchurian Candidate feminism site and that they actually hate and are Read more

I don't actually wear any jewelry but 100 yeses to the braid, eyebrows, makeup and ensemble. Very chic but accessible. Oh and nail polish. Thanks. Read more

I'm sorry, I just think the shift of the Third Wave toward individual achievement within the existing patriarchal framework, a la Sheryl Sandberg, and away from collective advancement for our gender as a whole, has been an unmitigated disaster for everyone, especially women. You'll never see these entrepreneurs speak Read more

A new video game aims to continue both ridiculing and exploiting women and their genitalia as the writer of this post often does on an ostensibly feminist forum protest these restrictions. FTFY. Read more

Problem with greys right here. Read more

To add a different criteria, could you maybe pick ones that reflect proper spelling and grammar? Or edit them? The one about waiting in the "part" and being in therapy now or's barely legible. Read more

Detail from the Velázquez painting.

It's a dwarf. There were lots of dwarves in the courts of the 16th Century. And later. See: Las Meninas. Read more