Jul 27

“white Americans defended *or accepted*” was what jumped out at me, but I say that or something like it about a thousand times a day Read more

Jul 27

He is the worst kind of racist; trying to intelligently argue that something so intrinsically evil can be rationalized.

Jul 27

Well it's white people who started the problem, so it needs to be white people to fix the problem. 

Jul 24

I hope it’s too late. I was balancing my horror of his behavior with the comfort that he definitely was fucking himself into the grave. But the (white) people in the middle are all too happy to forgive, especially when the shit gets serious.
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Jul 24

On one hand, this is the responsible thing to do (but suspect it was more because it would be another disaster with low attendance then any actual thought to people getting sick). On the other hand, that sad walk of shame from the helo after the Tulsa rally was a bit of sunshine in a shitty 2020. Read more

Jul 21

So I guess what he’s saying is that we should build statues recognizing Black Lives Matters since it’s a part of our heritage.

Jul 10

Agree, agree and agree. Jason is probably about as multiracial as I am; white, white, white and whitish.
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Jun 26

I also can’t get past the fact that Garmback and Loehmann, the two cops, have paid no price at all. The only one who has, sort of, is former county prosecutor Tim McGinty, who lost his job in the following election after acting inappropriately as a sort of defense lawyer for the cops during the GRAND JURY proceedings, Read more

Jun 16

As much as this needs to happen on any flag where that symbol is included, it isn’t gonna happen.

Jun 15

The good thing about a movement is that it never rests on the ability of one person to move forward. When things get to be too much for one individual, they can look away for a moment, revive their spirits, and refresh their soul, while others march on. The movement will be there with welcome arms when they’re ready Read more

Jun 9

I’ve said it a million times, these cops are seldom “one hit wonders” they have a pattern of bad actions (that go progressively bad to worse). None of this surprises in the slightest.. (which is VERY sad)

Jun 6

Please people in South Carolina. Vote Messy Coward Graham out of office. If you can’t stomach voting for a Democrat. Stay home. If you are as tired as those of us in the black community but you just dont have in you to protest, say Black Lives Matter, do anything....Then do nothing....Come November stay home. If you Read more