If GotG2 didn’t kick you in the feels with that ending, then I don’t know what you’ve been watching. Read more

I’m in agreement. This is a 3-4.5K car, how anyone looks at a 7K+ price tag and votes NP is beyond my comprehension. Read more

Seriously, donate it to the blind or cars for kids or something... Read more

Seriously, this is nothing more than outrage baiting at this point. Feeling persecuted just for the sake of being able to bitch about it. Read more


Everyone else folded, it was heads up and she figured she had 2 live cards to a bet that was less than the ante + blinds. I’d call too.

He then downbets the flop. That tells me he’s whiffed on the board.
$10K on the turn is a nothing bet again. If he has a 10 he’s betting heavier to build the pot and/or push out Read more

Agreed. Have a somewhat low mileage, pristine interior/exterior, I’d gladly pony up $10-15K for one.

This thing has had the life and reliability beat out of it. No thank you. Read more

It’s not a stereotype if it’s the truth. Read more

As someone who grew up with the manga and the anime, I looked forward to this so much. Mostly, young unknowns to grow into the roles, CHOW YUN FAT as ROSHI!?!? Marsters, who’s a huge DBZ nerd... hell yes, there’s no way this can go wrong with that cast!!

And then the story was the most terribly written, generic, Read more


I’ve never seen a show control and explode and then just seemingly disappear from the social zeitgeist as quick as GoT.

Maybe the worst final season of any show I’ve ever seen. Read more

I absolutely get that they needed to split things up for the pandemic, they did what they could while keeping a coherent story...

However a few small things bugged me:

1) The sword, that entire area was just use to cook demogorgons alive, that thing would’ve been red hot, just take 2 seconds and show him pulling it from Read more

I was thinking more “Lego Movie” of the next generation of kids find their parents’s Barbies in the basement and start playing... Read more

Zac Efron and I’m not even joking. He’d be perfect. Read more

Damn, didn’t know I needed Aaron Paul in a tux. Read more

I dunno who lied to this seller and said “it’s a classic!” but it is indeed, not a classic and is only worth about half of the asking price, inflation/market craziness be damned. Read more

Totally blown away by this season’s twists and turns. They’ve really done a great job; I can’t imagine how there can/will be a Season 5 with how the story has played out. Read more

That’s exactly how I feel and why I voted ND. It’s a kit car, your pricing shouldn’t be rivaling the real-deals of that vintage. Read more

They’ve been great all along. It’s just too bad the writing & exec tinkering have been absolute crap. Read more

Same here on the old house. I was about to embark on running Ethernet to almost every room in my house when I just said the heck with that and bought mesh network routers. Read more

I had a ‘91 4 door Euro Sport V6 from ‘02-’04 in HS. Positive: That thing was absolutely rock solid mechanically. Read more

Exactly the amalgamation I was thinking. Voldemort, Kratos, Quan Chi all rolled into a single character. Read more