I'm just here for the free food
Oct 14

My problem with Bollinger isn’t the looks... it’s the price (starting at $125,000). 

Oct 13

It happens. There are times where I pull my phone out of my pocket and it’s unlocked and in some app I haven’t used in a while, like full-on ready to play a Pandora station. I’ve also had Pixel phones that straight up factory reset in my pocket. I think the heat from my leg bleeds through the pocket lining and my Read more

Oct 8

Its cringe’y only to someone who's choice this gen is to get a ps5 

Sep 24

All of the suggestions are bad and the people who made them should feel bad for suggesting them.

Sep 24

What a bizarre attitude. No, they’re almost certainly not going to win soon, or, possibly, ever, but why would that stop them from trying? Why would you WANT them to stop from trying? Who benefits if Microsoft ignores Japan? Sony, I guess, but that’s about it. Meanwhile, a Microsoft that’s trying to attract Japanese Read more

Sep 18

I don’t like this subscription model for car features. At all. I think I’m just going to be sticking to buying used from now on if that’s the direction we’re going in. I’ve driven plenty of cars that have similar technology (although it’s not autonomous) that don’t charge you by the month to use.

Sep 16

It’s definitely an extreme 370z bodykit; all the hard lines (A-pillar, door, etc) are identical, not to mention the interior.

Sep 16

Dude, the door pulls and door vents (vents! on the doors!) look to be identical. OP is not wrong.  

Sep 14

“I am with the authors on this one: namely, this is not evidence for life on Venus. Rather it is evidence for some exotic chemistry going on,” Read more

Sep 11

I think the core issue is that dealers add cost to a vehicle for their part of the existing process.  Consumers could get a lower price by buying direct from the mfg.  Change my mind.

Sep 11

It’s like the Kohl’s pricing model. “Let’s artificially inflate the price of a good so that we can mark it down and the consumer thinks they’re getting a bargain.”  It’s stupid that you can usually get 20% off MSRP on a truck, for example. 

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Sep 11

I’m not sure whether buyers would ever really adjust to paying full price for a Kia Optima or a Ford F150 when historically there were always deals. Read more

Sep 8

If the name of the system will prevent you from buying or enjoying it, you seem to have a lot of problems that are non-gaming related.
The playstation naming scheme ist for people for which it is a problem to do anything else but count simple numbers.
MS actually did something kinda clever with the X box One X - X-B-O-X. Read more