Jun 1

Old timey was pretty trendy three years ago. Maybe one of the lumbersexuals in her husband’s home metal-smithing class suggested it?

Mar 25

My father is if the opinion that the real problem with TP is that people are wasteful. Most only use one side.

May 6 2019

PP STNG? You should see a doctor about that.

Mar 13 2019

dude i saw with the corner of my eyes the pic and the words miyamoto and what at first glance looked like “dead”(dad) and I had a fucking heart attack.

Nov 4 2018

Opponents of [every new law that would cost them money] argue it is the wrong way to handle the city’s widespread [social problem they’re mostly immune from], [cannot describe what the right way would be, since it generally just boils down to ‘kill all the poor’].

Jun 19 2018

You should store all your files in /dev/null. It’s a trick that comes from the Unix world and makes your system a whole lot faster.

Jun 11 2018

I know that they’re already revealed her sexuality in Last of Us DLC but I still will enjoy feasting on the tears of the bigots complaining about her being gay or that it’s “forced”.

May 24 2018

Why did you omit the most important and relevant tweet he ever made?

May 12 2018

If he was white it’ll be fine... Black on the other hand... Better make sure to avoid cops like Splinter Cell/Metal Gear quality sneaking.

Jul 19 2013

This was first explored in late 70s by researcher Louis Gramm, who discovered that the unnamed female study subject was, in fact, as cold as ice. Further analysis revealed that the subject was also willing to sacrifice their love, which Gramm concluded would eventually lead to the subject paying the price.