I Like Corollas
12:45 PM

Doubling my engine would result in a high revving 3.6L V8 making around 385HP. With the available supercharger it should make 450HP, but I like NA engines. Read more

12:48 PM

I got this one for my Nexus 6P and have been pretty happy with it. I still haven’t drop the phone so I can’t say how drop-resistant it is, but I love the fact that it wraps around the edges of the screen which protects it from scratches when upside down while being pretty light.

1:25 PM

Great idea! Would love to be there, already filled the form. However, I’m in the Canary Islands so a little bit far, as of now I can’t confirm I’ll be there. Read more

7:00 PM

Glad to see another Madridista in Oppo. What an exhausting game, even for us fans. I was nervous since the kick off. Read more

12:23 PM

Best of luck mate. I’m also looking for a job and can tell it sucks. Mechanical Engineer with just 6 months of experience.

7:38 AM

Thats what I was thinking, that this is a one-off 488. Doesn’t look that much agressive compared to the standard 488 or that much different to be a new model.

5:17 AM

I think Vettel made a mistake by overreacting to Kvyat’s pass, but instead of assuming it, he spent the whole race blaming Kvyat on the radio and even confronted him at the end. Not cool.

5:58 PM

Such a great car indeed. I bought one of these a year or so ago as a beater, and I’m pretty happy with it. Mine came with spare headlamps and tail lamps, front bumper, trunk lid, interior parts..., etc. 300k kms by the way.

6:22 PM

We got the 2ZZ-GE in the Corolla T-Sport in Europe, putting 192 hp. The sound it makes from 6k to 8k RPM’s..., it just doesn’t belong on a Toyota.

3:50 PM

I think the piece won’t work once it has become separated from the center console, in fact I was told yo would need to replace the entire center console if you want to fix that piece.

2:34 PM

Congrats! It is a nice car, not the fastest or sportier but a pretty solid one. My first car was also a Corolla, but a hatchback (euro model) although they share the same interior. I see yours is already missing one of the pieces of the center console, wich is pretty common since those are very delicate. Same

6:54 AM

Thanks, it is a great little car. My first car was a 2002 Corolla hatchback 5 door, but this feels like a completely different car. The extra hp, tighter steering rack and sportier suspension do wonders. Read more

10:38 AM

I sold my E46 330Ci last week, after exactly 4 years of ownership. It was kinda sad to part ways with such a good car, but I want to think it was the right choice. Hopefully there’s an E46 M3 in my future, and that is one car I’d love to own forever.