I’m in New Zealand. She can stay at my house. We have Wi-Fi.  Read more

Special one for Kanye’s little project: Read more

And to all the people who won’t be voting for Biden, or who’ll be writing in the name of a 3rd party candidate “just to make a point,” Read more

Don’t worry. I’m sure Mitch will hold off on any confirmation process for her replacement until after the November election.   Read more

I’m sure the GOP is standing outside her hospital room door waiting for the opportunity to get rid of her somehow. Read more

To the folks who could not find it in their hearts to vote for Hillary in 2016: Read more

Assuming you’re not personally acquainted with “them cancellers”, by your own algebra you must be envious of them. You’re just as much a slack jawed idiot as what composes the exact rabble you think you’re badmouthing. Read more

That woman didn’t just “report” the transit worker, she took a picture and tried to publicly shame them for a minor violation of a rule that is routinely violated (it would be the equivalent of reporting a mail truck for going 12 mph over the speed limit). She became a victim of the very thing she tried to weaponize Read more

What exactly is your point here? Rich’s description of what happened with Gawker is accurate—I don’t think he’s saying “Gawker would have won the case if only the aggrieved party had been destitute and more powerless,” but Gawker would still exist (notwithstanding they did something arguably actionable) if a Read more

These so-called cancelled people still produce works, yes? And when they open their mouths, they make the news, yes? As far as I know, they can still make money in some other capacity, yes? Read more

As I recall, the problem with Ms. Yoffe’s statement wasn’t so much the suggestion that getting blackout drunk was a bas idea but that doing so made the women at fault for their own rapes. Read more

I swear, your whole deal is popping into comment sections to drop some tenuously related tidbit about something you remember from several years ago. Read more

I noticed that too. Made me wonder if maybe this stance is actually just some good ole’ self-hate? Read more

Her Twitter tagline being “Writer sometimes known as Robert Galbraith” seems like the ultimate irony, but then she herself has said in previous tweets that she experienced something like gender dysphoria at some point. We can only speculate, but maybe she belongs in the same category with Lindsey Graham and that Read more

I read that part about porn being tweeted to children in a thread about their art so many times as that just came out of nowhere before disappearing back there. Like what the hell? What children? Were there some actions taken to address the situation? How does this relate to JK Rowling? Why would she just Read more

I also like to emphasize the fact that she was a fully-formed adult of 35 when she married him, not a naive young model just out of her teens. That woman knew exactly who he was and chose to marry him anyways. Read more

There is nothing important to know about Melania Trump beyond she’s been married to one of the most disgusting men this country has ever produced for 15 years. ‘Nuff said. 
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