Jun 17 2018
Sunset ride

Watching the 24 hour of Le Mans this year I can’t help but get a sense of sadness from the commentators. Yes, Toyota

Oct 21 2017
It’s Back….<em></em>

Yesterday was the first day of F1 back in Austin, being that I’d gone and bought season tickets to the track, of

May 14 2017
Plan C?<em></em>

Is plan C every really the option to entertain? If you haven’t seen the Spanish Grand Prix I would recommend not

May 7 2017
It’s all over now.<em></em>

Day two of another successful weekend at COTA, put it in the history books and read it to the school children. May

May 6 2017
Let’s Dance!<em></em>

Event number two on my year of events at Circuit of The Americas crept up fast. Attending Moto Gp in the two weeks

Apr 24 2017
Anniversary: Day three<em></em>

How do you close out a three day anniversary that has had a few bumps and falls? Well, you start early and build a

Apr 23 2017
Anniversary: Day two<em></em>

I managed to get to the track earlier than the previous day, clearly a good thing. It made for a good start into