Restless In Perpetuity
12:04 PM

...just popped by to say I hope you’re holding up...& since you’ve been so busy & they’re the wrong side of the water to make much of a splash stateside I thought it wouldn’t do any harm to make sure this crossed your path?

12:32 AM

it’s been kind of a shitty few weeks in general & the next few months aren’t shaping up to look a whole lot I sincerely hope there’s some stuff that’s looking up in the land of Rooo...because despite the stuff in the tweets these playlists of yours are a real tonic...that said...

10:17 PM

...I’m seeing a lot of those hands...& hoping you’re hanging in there since if memory serves you have more on your plate at present than “just” all this...either way I saw this again the other day & you were my first thought so I’m glad I remembered both it & to come looking for one of these posts to leave it on this

4:08 PM

...& the restless dead thank you for your service...some of us appreciate your efforts...guess not everybody gets it...but they say it takes all sorts?

6:29 AM

I’m no expert on the royals but it’s been abundant to anyone paying even cursory attention that since they made him march in the funeral procession behind his mother’s coffin while the nation he will never rule lost it’s fucking mind in an orgy of performative grief for a woman they treated like guy fawkes from where Read more

6:21 AM
3 I said in a comment to Roo elsewhere (& without looking to defend the indefensible) there’s an extent to which that might be less convincing an illusion if you weren’t in a daily mail comment section? Read more

4:58 AM

just in case that isn’t a joke...I’d click that patreon link, for the record...

I may barely be keeping myself in coffee these days but having of late found out quite how much time & effort can be frittered away online while doing a great deal less to promote a useful & informative conversation somewhere people might Read more

7:58 AM

...just curious, really - but if your problem with Gervais isn’t humor is it by any chance that the man just seems determined to exude a quality that makes your skin crawl? Read more

1:51 PM

...have I mentioned recently that your medal-worthy culling of things worth reading from the twitter sinkhole is one of the leading reasons you’re kind of a hero of mine these days? Read more

2:30 PM

...I’d almost be ok with that bit - if once he’s out of office the courts stripped him of all of it all over again while airing his dirty financial laundry all over town so that he can’t get a line of credit anywhere outside of a gangster-run russia we're already at one out of three with a decent shot at the Read more

12:17 AM

...each to their own & all - but for the record there’s more than one of the backstage contingent over there who consider it a point of no little pride that any & all are welcome provided they can play nice if asked feel free to dip a toe & test the waters should the fancy take you?

...or you could try the left Read more

11:17 PM

...I’d buy a copy, I’m almost certain - any plans some of that would be going to any good causes you might happen to be aware of or is this more of a personal endeavor?