Jan 26

If we’re willing to count multiplayer games probably cs_office on cs:source or fy_iceworld on cs 1.6/source 

Jun 18 2019

Might want to re-read that title again

May 13 2019

Fuck that guy too then. I don’t regularly keep tabs on Harvard professors. 

May 13 2019

The more I see this car, the less I like it, which is too bad. The design is way, way too fussy and looks especially bad in red. I can’t think of a reason why I’d ever want to buy this over a Cayman or M2. 

May 12 2019

I don’t understand how a person who is this accomplished could be so naive as to think that college students wouldn’t react negatively to his decision to represent Harvey Weinstein. He’s not a public defender who was assigned the case, he is presumably being paid a large sum of money to lend both his legal mind and Read more

May 8 2019

I’ve come around to the idea that instant replay is bad, or is bad at least in the way it is currently being used, but I’ll never give up my desire for Robot Umps. The technology is there for it to be used in real-time, and I’m so tired of Umps’ fragile egos.

Dec 12 2018

Kristin how awful an idea would this be in NYC? I’ve been looking at leases for basic luxury business sedans (New S60, C-Class, 3 series etc) but the idea of having a manual and a big v8 while also saving some money also sounds very appealing. 

Sep 27 2018

See the problem with this point of view is that Tesla specifically told investors to consider statements made from Musk’s Twitter account, then the company’s investor relations people repeated to investment research analysts that the funding was real and secure. Read the lawsuit, it’s totally damming.  Read more

Sep 22 2018

I mean this in the nicest possible way, but go fuck yourself. A man is dead because his hysterically overpaid inhuman coaches and trainers had zero regard for his wellbeing. They should all be thrown in jail and the football program at Maryland permanently dissolved. Go look in the mirror and have a long look at your Read more

Jun 12 2018

Glad to hear your cancer is in remission, fuck cancer. Read more

Apr 19 2018

Agreed. I always found it ironic and sad when car companies (and the fanboys who love them) whine about the small overlap test and how their cars were not designed for it. That is actually terrifying, what they’re basically saying is: “we don’t actually engineer our cars to be safe, we engineer them to do well on the Read more

Mar 27 2018

If we’re talking regular ketchup then sure, I agree with the above. That being said whataburger spicy ketchup is the best ketchup and I will take no arguments on this matter.

Feb 22 2018

This is South Texas, close to the Mexican border. That area is overwhelming Hispanic and Democratic.

Jan 31 2018

Worthless discount on the cheapest umbrella since they want $11 for shipping which is the same as the discount, might as well get it with free two day shipping with Amazon prime then

Jan 29 2018

In financial circles there is this thing called “due diligence” that you are supposed to do before you invest in something. These people did not do that. Judging by their website I’m not surprised. Read more

Jan 19 2018

How close are the Volvo interiors to something like this? Is a S90 like 90% as nice inside or only like 60% as nice inside?

Jan 12 2018

Even more remarkable is that Edwin Jackson was basically traded straight up for Max Scherzer (!). Now they were both a part of the three way Tigers, Yankees, Diamondbacks Curtis Granderson trade but my recollection is that the rumor was that the Tigers and DBacks had a straight trade lined up for Jackson/ Scherzer and Read more