Sep 16

$26K for this thing? CP all day long!!!

Sep 15

Advertisers were on the web for decades. Mostly in pop-up ads which were often tied to malware, so they left. There was a small window where Flash wasn’t everywhere yet, HTML5 was only spoken about. Sure the websites were kinda simple, but they didn’t run ads outside of few banners. All you needed was one pop up Read more

Sep 14

“Do you not understand how masks work, or how respiratory viruses work?” Read more

Sep 14

Considering the Navy navigates vast oceans and rough seas, you’d think they’d be better at handling streams.

Sep 12

Once they get to the 11 foot 8 bridge, we know what comes next.

Sep 11

Check the hold for Sciroccos and Syclones.

Sep 10

I updated mine to

Sep 5

You know, there is a much simpler, free way. Just put your alarm clock, or phone, which ever the case may be, across the room. Then you have to get up to turn it off. Read more

Sep 5

That voice yelling at you would get the dead up out of their coffins and stand at attention.

Sep 5

Siri, Alexa. Well those generated voices with the odd cadence are annoying, not stimulating. Perhaps a grating comedian’s voice such as Gottfried or Goldthwaite?

Sep 5

I just want to say, holy SHIT I love reading Jalopnik on the weekends again. Your race coverage and other race-related articles are fantastic. I hope you(and David and Andrew) stick around!

Sep 4

If R. Lee Ermey wasn’t available, perhaps a swearing Gomer Pyle app would do?  (Not that I can write one!)

Sep 4

Wake me up when it comes with an R. Lee Ermey setting.

Sep 4

Came here to say the same thing. I mean, I’ll calling you in the more and swear at you for only $3.99 a month.

Sep 4

Well, for starters, I would turn around and find another way. It’s not like you’re just driving along, minding your own business, when a crowd of protesters magically appears out of nowhere and starts pounding on your windows.  Read more

Sep 4

Best thing would probably be stay home.

Sep 4

Cops have figured out quickly they don’t have to crack heads/shoot people when they can just get their wannabe minions to do it for them. Its like they are reading directly from Putin’s playbook...

Sep 2

That totally explains it!! This guy was stalking me for about a week. He finally caught up with me and whispered in my ear, “P0103, You have a problem with your mass air flow sensor”. True story!