Idiot In The Garage Needs A New CGI Job...
Oct 14

My problem with Bollinger isn’t the looks... it’s the price (starting at $125,000). 

Oct 2

I recently sold my 1970 Buick Wildcat convertible, so i know the pain of letting a beloved treasure go is only slightly less than the pain of it seeing it sit in a garage, unused. Read more

Sep 25

The world is falling apart and people are ordering uber expensive, one-off, rebuilds of their cocks that cost more than PPE for several major cities.

Sep 16

This is definitely gonna be one of those situations where I see minimal differences and people come out of the woodwork to loudly proclaim what an uncultured philistine I am for failing to notice that all the things that seriously look basically the same are, in fact, wildly and dramatically different. Read more

Sep 6

Free? “Dutch Heritage Intensifies”

It came with the purchase of a new 911 I reckon? LOL! They have supercar track days around my neck of the woods from time to time. But there just is something, other than the money, holding me back from doing that. It’s like renting a car on Turo and doing a review on it. I want the Read more

Aug 27

Jalopnik writer when they see a underpowered, weird, limited edition and unreliable car only available overseas: Read more

Aug 24

Spoiler: Meddling kids with a large dog will reveal that the ghosts are all the groundskeeper’s family looking for treasure.

Aug 14

Are they real manuals or just listed as such? I’ve found about 50% of the cars listed as manual on autotrader are not.

Aug 14

So judging from the comments on here, there’s just not really a way to offer criticism of a Democratic ticket (which I’m voting for.) You just can’t do it or you personally want Trump to reign forever. Even if it’s not so much criticism as it is personal feelings surrounding something you are told is supposed to mean Read more

Aug 10

If the outside looked as good as (most of) the inside it’d be getting somewhere. Also is it a duplex, or WHY ARE THE GARAGE BAYS NOT CONNECTED