Idiot In The Garage Needs A New CGI Job...
Dec 18

We really thought “skull fuck your grandma yellow” would test better with consumers.

Nov 25

While the parking lot donuts are sure to be a favorite of many car enthusiasts, I have one simple thing I enjoy greatly that may be a bit odd.

Usually at least once a year I get to enjoy “The Silent Drive”. This is the drive during or right after a decent snowfall where there’s minimal-or-no traffic, and ideally you’re Read more

Nov 7

Someone should build an exact replica of the Wedge, but make it electric, and call it the Wedge-E.

Nov 3

My refrigerator is running so I’m going to vote for it.

Oct 30

I think you underestimate how much these guys need all of their friends to see how cool they are when they pull up to the shooting range. 

Oct 28

You know there’s a timeline with all the cool BRZ vs IDX vs 130R comparison videos on BingTube...

Oct 28

This is the answer I was looking for. I’ve been going to the LA Auto Show for 15 years or so, and no concept cars draw crowds quite the way the Ciel and El Miraj did, year after year. It wasn’t the biggest draw, but they were incredibly consistent with how people of all ages and walks of life would lust after them, Read more

Oct 14

My problem with Bollinger isn’t the looks... it’s the price (starting at $125,000). 

Oct 2

I recently sold my 1970 Buick Wildcat convertible, so i know the pain of letting a beloved treasure go is only slightly less than the pain of it seeing it sit in a garage, unused. Read more

Sep 25

The world is falling apart and people are ordering uber expensive, one-off, rebuilds of their cocks that cost more than PPE for several major cities.