Most of the body cam systems track in the video metadata if the recording was stopped by a local action (ie: the cop pressed the button) or remotely (in cases where remote access is possible)...

So the only thing that’s impossible is to believe the lies they are telling. Read more

The Innocence Project normally works pro bono. Read more

No amount will ever be enough.  Read more

$2 million over six years is hardly enough. Read more

Her obvious concern for nothing but her own self interest make this whole Central Park incident seem line one in a long line of bullshit she’s done to black people. And, yeah, probably other people in general. Read more

There are doctors who think black people have thicker skin and their sickness isn't real...yeah, not all doctors have higher standards in all areas in their life.
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A great man once said: “Person man woman camera TV.” words to live by.
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It’s funny because he’s supposed to be a real doctor, so you would think he would know that the test Trump took is for screening for dementia and is not all that difficult ... unless you’re suffering from dementia. Read more

Ronny Jackson is a mediocre white man! You can believe that shit! Read more

“...and now it has cost students to lose their spot at a private school in Gahanna, Ohio, after two mothers violated its enrollment agreement by going on some right-winger podcast to complain about the school’s teaching of racism.”

“the school reserves the right to dismiss any student when, in the sole discretion of the head of school, the actions of the student’s parent, guardian or other family member have severely impaired” Read more

They couldn’t define CRT if their lives depended on it. They just want to deny slavery ever happened and pretend everything is equal and Black people are just whining. Read more

Next week they will be on Fox news talking about how their first amendment rights have been violated. Read more

CNN and Santorum are both sacks of shit! CNN is even more complicit because they gave this ignorant know-nothing sumabitch such a huge platform to spew his racist, stupid views and opinions. It took them weeks to cut ties with this twisted face, weak-minded basturrd. Santorum is the personification of the evilness Read more

Or the same people that just nuked Liz Cheney from orbit.  Read more

So if there aren't any decent, intelligent Republicans to put on - fuck 'em, don't put *any* on. This "both sides" bullshit has to stop when the other side wants nothing more than to spread white supremacy and bigotry all over the airwaves.  Read more

This is why I don’t believe Hanlon’s Razor, or “Never attribute to malice that which can be attributed to stupidity.” Read more

Probably the same group that just got a jewish woman fired from the Associated Press because she was in a Pro-Palestine group in college. Read more

In civilized country, they would be in prison already. In a less civilized country, they would have been executed.
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Thirty Three. Thirty Fucking Three. That is how many hearings were held on Benghazi and these brain dead fucktards found nothing. Now these pasty faced, sex in one position, unseasoned chicken eating, Tim Allen worshipping, Brooks & Dunn two stepping assholes are trying to ignore an attack on The US Capitol? Mind you Read more