LogicFail: Go Fuck a Tree 2020
Nov 18

I am right here with you. I could not fathom having a child to take care of during this hot mess. Additionally, I had a couple medical issues pop up this year that put me in traction for MONTHS. And during those months I was trying to recover, all I could think to myself was “THANK GOD I don’t have kids.”

Sep 17

On Thursday, Donald Trump pulled himself away from Twitter for a few brief moments to speak at the White House History Conference on the topic of American history and pedagogy, two things he knows very little about. Read more

Sep 2

I point to edibles as a valid option (and maybe even a good cross-fade). Disclaimer: I am asthmatic, so smoking in general has never really been a thing for me.

Aug 26

There’s also the issue of them giving him makeup with grey undertones, and neglecting to apply the makeup up to his hairline. Forehead is shiny AF.

Aug 26

Donny surely doesn’t. As evidenced by his not sending aid to the area after hurricane Rita, and telling them to solve their own problems.