Nov 13 2017

A big part of this puzzle that nobody in the car enthusiast community ever seems to be aware of is that poor people have limited or nonexistent access to credit. Current car-sharing services require a credit check and a card with enough free balance on it to cover a hefty security hold. Even if you could afford the Read more

Nov 8 2017

I believe it’s spelled Koenigggggsenisseggsegnignigsegigisesg CCX2 WITH THE TOP GEAR WING, if I’m not mistaken.

Nov 7 2017

I hope you subjected your friend to trial by Jeep after. I dunno, maybe give him 50 lashes with a fan belt or have him pull one of the wrecks around like a horse for an hour.

Nov 7 2017

Might be time to invest in a second fire extinguisher, one for the Willy’s and one for this.

Nov 7 2017

Not shown: Tracy hiding in the weeds waiting for his chance to pounce and add to his Jeep fetish collection.

Nov 2 2017

You sedan and SUV lovers need to come to your senses and start using simple logic. Once you do, you’ll come to realize that wagons are the superior mode of transportation.

Jul 22 2016

In Russia during the USSR, cars were impossible to obtain during the early days. Then, as corruption set in, cars became more widespread. Trust me, I know, having spent a considerable part of my childhood in Moscow. By the way, my father was a Pioneer in his childhood. However, he was in government, which came with a Read more