Aug 29

Jesus CHRIST Ubisoft, what the hell is wrong with you?! I went into this article assuming it would just be a case of them using something a graphic or imagery similar to the raised-fist in a poorly thought out or negative context that somebody should have noticed and scrapped ahead of time. But the fact that the whole Read more

Aug 28

Why is the Queen wearing a shirt with Kellyanne Conway on it?

Aug 27

It’s very clearly a bullshit attempt to get some free money on spurious legal grounds, but it’s also a bullshit reading of the stories. Holmes wasn’t a robot in the earlier books. Though there is something darkly amusing about the Doyle estate basically shouting “Our cash-cow was basically a one-dimensional cardboard Read more

Aug 26

Apparently he does have cabinet aspirations.

Aug 20

My parents don’t have a dishwasher and I usually do the dishes after meals when I go home to visit, but I’ve developed a hack for washing the silverware, which I hate: Read more

Aug 20

simply because the name ‘Bjork’ (meaning ‘birch’) is quite common.”

I read that “r” in “birch” as a “t” for a second and looked at Bjork in a whole new light.

Aug 17

Melania is a racist and a generally shit person who spread the “Obama is not an American” birther conspiracy all on her own. She is 100% complicit in everything trump does.  

Aug 14

Coat of Many Colors and I Will Always Love You always reduce me to tears.  She is just so tender and sincere in those songs even if you've never lived like her.  You understand it.

Aug 14

Can we just put her on the flag of Tennessee?  Or something like that?  She's like the one person from Tennessee and modern country you admit to liking and not feel intense shame.  God I love that woman!

Aug 14

I was talking about how great a song Jolene is on an article here the other day and someone responded that Dolly is one of the only people who could unite this country. This just reinforces that. Good on her, her national treasure status remains stable.

Aug 13

This is an impossibly sad story. Not because I give two flying fucks about Conde Nast either. They’ve done this to themselves by perpetuating an environment of intolerance, hate, and bigotry. Read more

Aug 13

Those BA videos made me a better cook at home. BA’s Perfect pizza was Avengers levels of crossover fan-service. This is all so disappointing. I hope that, somewhere, Rick’s nails are still fabulous, Gabby is still swearing at Brad, and Claire is still complaining about tempering chocolate.

Aug 10

“The Spartans definitely wouldn’t have left me in a field to die, because I am special!”

Aug 10

As a person with a disability, he may want to reconsider his whole stance on wanting to be more like ancient Greeks and/or Romans.

Aug 10

“We need to be more like the Greeks and the Romans!” Read more

Aug 9

In fact, the Magnox stations were so good at making plutonium that the UK was able to supply the US with more than 5 tonnes of the stuff over the years and we still have 140 tonnes at Sellafield - and no idea what to do with it.

Aug 3

A gift shop that wasn’t there when they went back [cue spooky music and faint sinister laughter]

Aug 3

The shuttle was originally going to be much better. But then as usual politics fucked it all up and made it a overpriced bloated mess of the initial design.

Feb 14 2018

I believe that the Coronation Street boxed set arrives in an oil tanker.