I think they were influenced by their husbands, not that into politics and casually racist. COVID deaths woke them up a bit  Read more

It’s a violation of the Hippocratic oath   Read more

Here’s a crazy question: WHERE THE PRO LIFERS AT NOW  Read more

Every family has jealous haters and Megan’s half sister seems bitter AF because of her success. I wouldn’t take their airing of dirty laundry as proof of anything  Read more

And this is why I didn’t marry an Italian guy.  Read more

“Whatever cola is on sale this week” Read more

Fat guy lingerie I AM SCREAMING  Read more

Bernie supports women who aren’t a threat to him - so supporting women like AOC isn’t exactly a solid point. When he didn’t get the dem Nomination  on he full on petty for weeks. Valuable time. He can F off and die in short order. Read more

BERNIE WAS NEVER A DEMOCRAT. He was owed nothing.  Read more

Having a kid doesn’t mean you’ve grown up. I say this having two kids - But seeing many parents who are completely immature  Read more

Oh but I love the fact that women getting the right to equal entry to a public establishment immediately means all men are neutered and “following around a female presidential candidate” EYE ROLL EYE ROLL EYE ROLL man your penis must be so tiny  Read more

Men would freak the fuck out if the situations were reversed. In fact I was once denied entry to a strip club in nyc as part of a group of women. The nasty bouncer claimed women have this own spaces like “female only hotel floors” not understanding that women have those floors because men assault them.  Read more

I don’t feel like this is the result of toxic family situations or parents refusing to pay. It’s about whole families gaming the system like the Full House chick did buying her kids way into college.  Read more