Maybe we could make sure everyone has adequate sick leave for all the things? I mean many people have chronic recurring health issues of varying degrees. Read more

What could you possibly mean by that? Berlin is one of the world’s most international, multi-lingual, progressive cities. You elected this moron. You. Not us. Read more

I hate these fuckers, but the “CEO type” in this country works long hours and travels a ton. It is certainly a lot more plush than government work, but it sure as hell doesn’t start at 10, and two hour lunches disappeared three decades ago. Read more

George Gey gave the samples to medical researchers for the good of mankind and never got filthy rich from HeLa cells. Consent procedures at the time were different than they are now. But the popular opinion here is that Henrietta was robbed of her cancer cells by some dastardly doctors despite the fact that she got Read more

I’m sure I’ll get in trouble for this but, if you take away privacy concerns, I see no inherent injustice done in using discarded tissue for medical research. In fact, I see much more issue in wasting hard-to-obtain medical samples and losing valuable information that could help solve devastating medical issues. Read more

This one is personal for me. I wrote a Ph.D. thesis using HeLa cells. It was a gut punch to find out that these little cells have such a back story. I will just have faith that Oprah can handle the material as well as anyone could. Read more

Why, Girl Guide cookies, of course! ;-)
What is a health care credits? Thanks to our universal health care, I have no idea what those are.

Oh, and I suspect the tourism situation is just going to keep getting worse. I love the US and regularly drive down to NYC. My husband and I were planning to drive down the Read more

Kellyanne will not be investigated. That was clear from the beginning and considering the level of criminality this administration has shown, what she did seems benign in comparison. The least the media can do is stop inviting her to speak on behalf of this corrupt administration. Read more

Am I the only one who thinks that the comments about her feet on the sofa are silly? Call em out constantly, but make sure that there is something behind it. Otherwise it just dilutes our real complaints. Read more

I dunno... The NYT has been ripping pretty hard into the Trump administration. What are they supposed to do, post Trump’s picture on the front page of every issue with the headline “This Fuckstick Is Fucking Hitler, Ya Dumb Shits”? Read more

For those who may not know, Hameed Darweesh was the Iraqi interpreter who landed at JFK airport. Both Afghans & Iraqis who work with the US in any capacity are a favorite target for insurgents (as are their families). In Hameed’s case, he fled Baghdad to Kirkuk after two of his colleagues died. When several men showed Read more

It’s not stupidity, it’s selfishness. Letting these people claim stupidity is, in a way, letting them off the hook. She knew what Trump was, she just didn’t care when stacked against her rich person interests. Now a response is expected of her when he reveals just what a shit he is and she’s given the bare minimum to, Read more

Do you think it’s possible to be a feminist and not devote every action of your life to feminism? Read more

this is awesome. I love this so much. Read more

Fuck that, I’m pulling for Canada. Canada is not going to want all those flyover states, they barely have any moose. Read more

If you can think of it, theyve done it.
Read more

Its amazing to watch a total collapse of your own government. Not only the endless scandal, conflicting stories and total distrust at top levels but the total refusal of some people to even acknowledge ANYTHING is wrong (Give him a chance!) Read more

I find it so interesting the flavor of psudeoscience that various people cling to. So Kennedy can believe the science on climate change but for some reason does not believe the science on vaccines. A lot of my friends who understand that climate change is real still have a hard time accepting the science that GMOs are Read more

Since 1980, we’ve had a president that wasn’t all there, and whose administration conducted illegal, international acts (Reagan) while vilifying the poor at home; a ridiculously inept congress hellbent on destroying the opposing party’s president, who, while far from perfect, was competent, smart, and left behind a Read more

If you can’t understand the problem with the goddamned president not knowing what START is and then mindlessly shooting off at the mouth once one of his aides whispers a two-second explanation at him then I don’t even know where to begin trying to drag you kicking and screaming back to reality. None of this is normal, Read more