Dec 31 2019

No, when I heard the soundtrack in the trailers I was pretty much sold on Astral Chain. Really good stuff and shows why soundtracks can make a great game even better.

Oct 25 2019

Personally, I lost all love for food when I found out that professional chefs change it to taste better by using all kinds of fake spices and herbs and techniques. Also, I am convinced that things I have no idea how to do at a high level are incredibly easy and I could do them if I wanted to, which I don’t, so there. 

Sep 4 2019

“Who the hell is Terry?” thousands of Super Smash Bros. fans all asked, in unison, just one moment ago. Read more

Aug 12 2019

Five "steps" and a jump makes progress in the rain. With stamina max food climbing stopped getting in my way, even in the rain.

Jun 13 2019

He has a really unique style and these are all awesome! I know a lot of artists took on the task to do exactly what Jorge has done. I’ll drop mine here in hopes that other artists will do the same. Cheers!

May 16 2019

So basically Epic pulled some shady and manipulative trickery and didn’t tell people ahead of time, and then when companies said, “Hold up! We didn’t agree to this!”, Epic tried to paint it as those companies being unreasonable? Read more

May 10 2019

Personally I will be playing in Japanese if they have the option. 

Mar 15 2019

Yes. And now they are giving people options to buy specifically what they want. Many gamers play only as 1 or 2 fighters, or they dont care about story mode. Read more

Feb 11 2019

Arnold does real-time licensing from a license server, so what this probably means is that a single machine doing a single frame lost connectivity to that server. It’s... a surprisingly common issue, and usually gets caught somewhere in QA. Either it got missed or they decided they didn’t have time to redo the scene.

Nov 29 2018

You know who didn’t see this coming? Matt Murdock.

I’ll see myself out.

Nov 1 2018

I am jazzed as hell for the Adventure mode and Spirit stuff.  

Oct 18 2018

I’ve been eying that but its NOT Tiger and Bunny but its in the same universe? How is it?

Sep 30 2018

Anyone else find these not funny and boring? I gave it a shot watched all the videos and tried my hardest to enjoy them. Sadly the enjoyment never was realized.

Aug 27 2018

Sega probably saw Sonic Mania and realized that devs that were fans of their properties can make sequels better than they themselves ever could.

Aug 15 2018

Well, that’s one Switch game review that we know won’t be plagiarized...