area man
Oct 7 2018

Dude doesn’t use serial/oxford commas in his articles but will use 20 commas in place of em dashes.

Apr 7 2018

Counterpoint: Why is the Masters so important? Because Bobby Jones and his golfing buddies like it? Because it offers the most money? Because its membership is the most exclusive set of racist white men ever? The Masters is a tautology. Rich men play the game, watch it, and make it important.

But this tournament isn’t Read more

Dec 12 2017

Yeah, as a Steelers fan I’m really excited for a week’s worth of stories about this loss, and how the Steelers have a chance to take the crown, and how maybe this is the *year*, man, this is *it* before Tom Brady rips the Steelers hearts out on national television to the tune of, oh, let’s say... 44-27 this time, with Read more

Dec 4 2017

I picked him up off waivers early on. Which sounds good, until you see I’ve also held (at various times) John Brown, Rashad Higgins, Josh Doctson, Corey Coleman, Devante Booker and like OJ Howard before he inevitably goes catchless in the next game. Kamara has literally been my only hit and I suck

Nov 10 2017

Did you read the part that the journalist (who was actually there) said it could have reversed 20 ft?

Oct 9 2017

The Jags wrecked a bunch of survivor pools yesterday. Good on ’em.

Oct 5 2017

It’s not that hard to explain. He was an overhyped Yankees prospect who never had the durability to be a starting pitcher, and like 100% of non-Mariano Rivera RPs, had an up-and-down career. Sort of like he was perpetually bouncing on a trampoline, but occasionally crashed off the edge. (Too soon?)

Sep 28 2017

I know it will be said a bunch: If the NFL was actually serious about player safety, Trevathan would have been ejected. It’s sickening he wasn’t. Come on.

Sep 7 2017

Just remember, the average Patriots fan is always angry because he spends 25 hours a day stuck in traffic because the Massachusetts driving test consists of spelling your name 90% correct and not leaving a condensation circle from your Narragansett pounder on the form. Read more

Jun 23 2017

Car Talk is a Boston institution. Listening to them now is like stepping back 15 years for me, though it may as well be 30, cause it doesn’t seem to change at all. An 89 Honda Civic that dies over bumps. A TR7 that overheats on hills. These kind of cars and quirks don’t really exist anymore.
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Jun 23 2017

Maybe she didn’t see that he wound up with the ball?

Jun 14 2017

it currently has a stock price of $380. For reference, Tesla made 84,000 cars in 2016; Ford sold 2 million cars in the U.S. in the same time span, and it’s only selling at $11. Read more

Jun 14 2017

It’s almost like the writers here have absolutely no exposure to the real world.

Jun 14 2017

Can we stop using the price of an individual share of a company’s stock as a reference for anything? It’s completely meaningless, and using it as a metric for comparison shows a tremendous amount of ignorance and makes any other point you try to establish extremely questionable.

May 25 2017

New Yankee Stadium sucks. It’s monolithic and alienating, and makes the game on the field feel like an afterthought. The design of Citi Field is so much more open and welcoming.