Sep 26

“Grand Jury in Staten Island” everything you need to know about how fair and impartial that decision was in 5 words

Sep 18

Blacks are violent”, “ on black crime...”, “50% of the murders in America..., “...over-represented because they commit the most crime...”, etc. Read more

Sep 17

He probably could have gotten Medicaid or some sort of compassionate coverage due to being a child with cancer, but he never had that chance.”

y’all, if you’ve never tried to get on these programs or been on them you need a wake up call. it’s not nearly as simple and easy as you think, and there’s a lot of loopholes Read more

Sep 16

No. They should have been arrested for reckless endangerment. Because that is what these stupid-as-shit people are doing — they are endangering the public. Read more

Sep 16

How do you call someone a “global ambassador” and then replace him in ads in other parts of the globe? That’s not what “global” means. 

Jul 31

I just want white people to learn how to survive on their own without white supremacy. I don’t want them to be dependent on racism and government handouts. I want them to learn how to provide for their families and educate them without stealing from Black people.

Jul 2

“I’m just trying to make sense of something that seems like a the narrative might be a deception to hide an ugly truth.” Read more

Jun 29

We’re in a recession now and a lot of companies are needing to cut their ad budgets. Cutting off Facebook gives them a chance to save money while getting some good PR for standing up against hate.

Jun 29

sounds like that would sharpen you up and make you ready for a bit of dirty twenty-to- one. don't tolchock any ptitsas in the Gulliver, though. 

Jun 29

When your defense is “people in my administration have so little respect for me that they don’t tell me what’s happening”, you’re not doing well.

Jun 29

Well I guess we’re done with the Mid-East proxy war and the curtain has been lifted. It’s been 80+ years since our last world war...guess we’re due for another? I’ll start learning Nadsat so I can order Moloko Plus properly.

Jun 3

“Let’s be clear, anti-fascists and anarchists are not the same thing. To be fair, some anti-fascists are anarchists. Some are social justice activists. Some are Christian missionaries. While they don’t really carry membership cards, the only distinguishing feature of the people in the anti-fascist movement is that Read more