Jul 31

All she had to do was say “it’s my show, and this is on me”. Instead she couched any semblance of responsibility under a bunch of garbage about how other people fucked up and claiming she had no idea that this was the case until Buzzfeed told her? Read more

Jun 23

I would just like to highlight that wearing a mask is an inconvenience, not a burden for the majority of the people. There are many people who have to wear a mask all day as part of their jobs. Your nose might itch and your lip might get sweaty, but overall you’re being asked to sacrifice a bit of comfort and Read more

Jun 10

Is this guy married? If he is, guaranteed his wife has some incidents to report but never has because she didn’t want her husband’s friend showing up and dismissing everything OR she was scared that she’d embarrass her husband/create issues for him at work. Someone look her up and tell her people can help her if she Read more

May 27

Vaguely in that ballpark, even though the cast of Friends was quite young at the start of the show, a version of the story I heard about their contact negotiations was that David Schwimmer came from a theatre family and knew to get them to make and keep a united front and attempts to try and divide them futile given Read more

May 25

This. Can we please stop giving these two attention whores the attention they clearly so desperately crave. She’s that obnoxious goth girl from high school, all grown up, and he’s a selfish Libertarian asshole/Space Karen and I wish they’d go away forever and take their crotch goblin with them. 

May 24

No, you mean a man who went to serve in Afghan partly to get away from the Press and has a longstanding issue with them for, you know, getting his mother killed might have been the one to want to leave? Read more

May 21

Oh, cool. Another faux racist complaint. I knew Lana would get in trouble for this for naming names, and perhaps she even did that to get press. We all know the ire it draws. She’s criticizing top 40 hits, which have glorified similar bullshit for years and years - used to be Madonna and Britney. She’s citing who had Read more

May 21

she felt compelled to throw a bunch of black women under the bus” or do you think its because the women she named are all in the billboard top 50.

May 21

Hell, that’s been Mr. Skin’s entire business model for, what, over 20 years? Not exactly breaking news to the entertainment industry. Read more

May 8

Parents like Musk and Grimes are the reason why some countries have lists of approved names for babies, and why more countries should think about adopting similar rules.

May 7

Cara Delevingne and Ashley Benson have broken up. Their relationship died in early April from natural causes, sources told People. Read more

May 4

If you’re into sewing in general, you’re also likely to just use whatever fabric you have on hand. I have 5 masks in various fun patterns and colors, because I sew in general and have made everything from skirts to dog beds out of the fabric in question and made the mask from remnants I’d kept. I won’t lie and claim Read more

May 4

I agree with you on the single use type. In hospital surroundings I was fine with the basic blue model, just as I would be if I had an affordable big box of them right now.
Read more

May 4

If having a cool pattern or baby yoda or what the fuck ever means that people will actually wear them, I’m all for it. Read more

May 3

Truthfully, I didn’t hate the first 12 chapters of Midnight Sun, cos it kind of helped answer the question on everyone’s minds:

May 3

If it’s a book, they’re keeping it EXTREMELY tight-lipped. I’m a bookseller, and we heard about the new Paolini and Collins books before they were announced, and they’re two of the biggest titles of the year.

I hate how I’m actually excited for this... we all know Twilight was a problematic shitshow but like.. I was 15 Read more

May 2

Australia also has strict automatic weapon and gun licence control laws (as a result of our one mass shooting in 1986)... and it’s great!