Oct 7 2018

Pedantic grammar lesson. Everybody knew what the hell the original sentence meant because nobody actually talks like the correction. Read more

Aug 26 2018

Look, I’m not a fan of comic book movies, and I’m a film snob, and hell, just look at my name and avatar, but even I rolled my eyes a bit when Hawke invoked Bergman and Bresson. Read more

May 28 2018

I am so happy to see it getting love here. I love both versions, but if I’m being honest, the Shatner/Folds version is the one I go to most of the time.

Mar 15 2018

Much like Oliver and Elio, this is something I didn’t know I needed until it came into my life.

Feb 7 2018

Following his death, which will occur at the time that he dies, Perd will go to either the Good Place or the Bad Place, depending on how many points he earned during his life, where more than a certain number of points qualifies him for the Good Place, and fewer than that number of points qualifies him for the Bad Read more

Aug 23 2017

Don’t Congress. No more with the pop culture references. Especially if you’re not gonna bother doing some simple fact-checking on Google. So, just stop. Just stop!