Hastings the Hawk
Feb 27

I dunno, a lot of other publications are saying the other reveal shows were rubbish and this reveal doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Ash also states she didn’t like the Nintendo direct, so accusations of “fanboyism” seems rather shallow. Finally imagine how bland articles would be without any opinions. I think perhaps you Read more

Aug 6

It’s fucking awful!! but thank god for that latest tab!

Jul 2

I too, hate media companies attempting to do the due diligence of verifying information before posting a story that might impact people’s lives.

Apr 16

Jason wouldn’t let me put together a roast for him so if you refresh the site all day and don’t see one you know who to blame. But since the Kotaku comments are a bastion of freedom and haven’t been turned off yet I’ll share mine here:

Jason was a fearless advocate for making sure we never pulled out punches. One time Read more

Mar 12

It’s a tough position to be in. I don’t want to support this type of work environment, but I do want to support the workers that put so much blood sweat and tears into it. Just emailing the company and saying “Please don’t force crunch on your employees!” isn’t likely to do anything. When it comes to business the most Read more

Jan 21 2020

Destiny 2's Corridors of Time is going away. The Season of Dawn location and its hidden lore drops will no longer be available come January 28. Meanwhile, the quest for the exotic weapon Bastion that players spent thousands of hours working on last week can now be gotten from Sain-14 instead.

Aug 20 2019

In covering the Epic Games Store, Kotaku has written about how the consistent, perpetual rage over its mere existence Read more

Jul 22 2018

100% yes, I really find my respect for Kotaku and this commenter to be at rock bottom after that article.  I couldn’t believe how badly skewed it was, and it calls into question the ethical compass of the writer.  If you can look at a sequence of events, and pull that narrative out of your ass, i’m not sure your Read more

Jul 13 2018

While true this article is still glossing over and making Price a victim of others instead of her own actions.

Jul 13 2018

The repercussions you speak of are based on lies. Prices blaming sexism and mysogyny, bots and reddit mobs instead of her own actions is disgusting. There is nothing else to infer here. Thats it. There is no “ripple” its simply sensationalism. Read the offending tweets yourself. Anyone making a mountain out of this Read more

Jul 13 2018

Yes, this point was raised many many times in the previous article dealing with the ArenaNet incident in question. This one though is not about that. This is about the ripples the outcome of that incident is having across the industry regardless of who was in the right or in the wrong in that particular instance.

Jul 13 2018

Exactly. If you work for a company lets say, and attack its fans for merely making a polite suggestion, you would probably be fired too. To add to that, she then implied sexism, misogyny and a reddit backed conspiracy...all for her own mistake of needlessly insulting a fan of her work and her employers. Unacceptable Read more

Jul 13 2018

Disclaimer: I am just talking about Jessica Price here, the other episodes of harassment are shitty and unacceptable and I am NOT pro-gamergate here. Read more

Jul 9 2018

Mines boring, it’s mostly white inside. I just wanted to be able to see. Also having a darkly light ship with the possibility of Man in the Wall just jumping out at me seems like a bad idea.

May 3 2018

I’ll respect your opinion Heather, as you play far more games than I do. Read more