HPoz - I like Honda Fits and I cannot lie
Aug 13 2018

My dad and I test-drove one for sale in MI. The shifter has no feel, the brake pedal is so far forward that heel-toeing is impossible, and it is somehow both harsher over the bumps AND rollier around corners than our 2015 Miata. Supercharger is fun but overall would not recommend.

Apr 26 2018

I can’t believe this. My gut feeling was that all of the defense team’s dirty tactics were going to work perfectly on the jury and at least seed enough doubt to get him found Not Guilty. I’m so glad I was wrong, and that the jury saw through the disgusting mess that was the defense arguments. (None of those people Read more

Apr 21 2018

The problem with that theory is that (to my mind) it doesn’t look like a car that people would buy as a status symbol (it certainly doesn’t scream “luxury” in any way). I’d say the more status-symbol-y car from the same era is the Z3, which was also essentially a version of the E36 3-series (it was even considered an Read more

Apr 14 2018

Seems like the DCCC is more concerned with beating other Democrats than Republicans. For all the centrist cries of “party unity” the DCCC sure doesn’t seem to care about it. Interesting.