Horshack Test

No, I was not clarifying the reason why they apologized - I pointed out that what the OP claimed happened (“their decision to stop doing it b/c of a few people crying on social media”) did not happen, and pointed out what actually did happen (they apologized for announcing the action publicly). Of course it’s relevant Read more

I never said they had to apologize for anything. I don’t know why you are replying to me with this comment. Read more

Thank you - she’s cancer-free and is doing great! And my other family members (even including another Trump-supporting sibling with whom I’ve gotten into some heated political arguments) were very supportive the entire time - contacting me regularly, sending her “comfort”-type gifts, etc. (even offering to pay for a Read more

Oh, that’s good. I might use it if I ever bother speaking to my sister again (side note: my wife recently went through 18 months of cancer treatment. Not once during that time did my sister (or Trump-supporting brother) contact me to even ask how she was doing. How very Christ-like. I’m not even going to get into her Read more

In some recent conversation about something Trump is reported to have done (can’t recall what it was but it was not a good thing, obviously), one Trump supporter replied, “Even if it is true, who cares?” Yeah, great defense there, buddy. Read more

“...but America can only buy from America.” Read more

Its like they were trying to prove your point that people don’t read. Read more

“Not sure of your argument ... had we had a man piloting an unmanned drone from inside then hell yeah, that woulda made a big, big difference.”  Read more

“it’s not all wanging out there and calling attention to itself...” Read more

The OP didn’t say there are dildos in these ads - they are saying that allowing these ads showing sex toys would lead to allowing ads that show (hyperreal) dildos, since they are sex toys as well. Read more

The OP didn't say these ads depict dildos. Read more

It helps to read the entire comment before replying. Read more

So what he’s saying is that complete and total exoneration” is meaningless with regard to guilt of suspected crimes? Read more

Yeah, I always wonder how much regular use people who own those things get out of them. Also - to clarify, the roof-top tent is not something I would buy because 1) I already have a tent (two, actually) and 2) I don’t have a problem setting up & sleeping in a regular tent (it’s part of the fun of camping, as far as Read more

As I also said, there are a ton of people who live in other places that are also within a relatively short drive to prime or decent camping areas. I only used my situation / experience as one single example (in a geographic area of many) of how a person can get much more than 10 nights’ worth of use out of one of Read more

I was wondering what he was going to do to distract from that Stephanopoulos interview... Read more

I don’t have a rooftop tent, but I do live in Seattle - where an hour’s drive gets me into the mountains. Leave work Friday, head to the mountains, return Sunday evening - two nights camping, very restful (even with a regular tent). Did it quite frequently when I worked M-F. Would be even easier with pop-up tent like Read more