Nov 18

It’s time for Savage Nobody! The advice column that has dropped the magnum condom he bought for his definitely-not-monster dong!

Nov 17

You spotted the turkey in the fridge, but you missed the box of eggs?

Nov 17

You’re asking all the wrong questions. Do you have any idea how deep this actually goes?

Nov 17

i love sohla. i miss all the people we lost when BA folded. no more priya, rick, gabby, carla, claire. i def wont miss delaney and amiel. im glad babish has gotten popular enough to expand his empire and hire her.

Nov 16

Some of them are mad because if they hadn’t paid (or paid more slowly) they would also get to benefit from debt forgiveness and would have paid less overall. I think what these people want (whether they know it or articulate it or not) is some sort of refund on the amount they paid back. Others are bitter because Read more

Nov 16

It’s turning me off from ever buying a Roku product again. I can get the same functionality out of a different product. I can’t get HBO content anywhere but HBO.

Nov 16

I have HBO Max and it’s super annoying to have to do everything through my Roku... except HBO Max, which I have to do through my Sony TV (because the Sony Android interface seems a bit buggier than the Roku OS interface).

Nov 15

I actually do want kids, but wanting kids is far more selfish than not wanting them (I don’t recommend saying that to someone with kids.) Read more

Nov 14

There is zero chance it wasn't a deliberate nod i think. The folks behind star wars definitely know their classic sci fi well enough to not have picked that name accidentally!

Nov 14

Thankfully, she specifies that it’s the forest planet of Corvus.
Because fuck any planet that has more than one biome.

Nov 11

One has to wonder if the white folks in this mess have some relationship with law enforcement, either a relative or friend or something. This all stinks.

Nov 10

Maybe save the complaints for when she makes the Secret Service buy merch at the bookstore. You know, like Trump charging them for literal drinking water at the clubhouse.

Not even remotely a close comparison.