I used to work at this dealership. This doesn’t surprise me at all... Read more

Aziryse- I was a MT on the Michigan (post conversion) and rode the Penn to get my fish. I am with you that no President gives a damn about any one of us.  Read more

I am a contractor too. I worked every day during the Christmas (Holiday) (whatever) season except for December 25th. I got out of the Navy after 6 years to spend more time with my family.... I guess shame on me. Read more

Broncos had them as well. This one was mine for the last 5 years. Never a lick of problems


And this is why no one invites you to the cookout. Read more

As a former US Navy submariner, I have just one thing to say to this: Read more

Depends on distance to target. Read more

It’s fairly large. And extremely reliable. I scooted past the new trucks on their 45 series tires last winter in a foot of the white stuff with ease. It was a good daily for 3 years and got 17 mpg. I have given it an easier life by relegating it only to summer (with the top off) duty, and when the snow gets too deep Read more

I did the same. 300 straight 6, manual transmission. OJ approved!

Snap-On torque wrench, new bench grinder, and a parts washer. Pretty excited for all of it! Read more

Where in Indiana do you live? I’m currently in Evansville Read more

Get a hobby lady. I hate nosy assholes like this. Read more

Or lawbreakers? Or treason? Pretty much everyone. Read more

I mean here is a nice example of the price range

I’m going to guess you haven’t priced a Charger SHELL lately from 68-71. How about 10k for a VIN tag and a frame? Read more

Still worth more than the Camry Read more