11/15/17 3:03PM

Seriously, god f’ing bless you. I’ve never tapped “Follow” so hard and quickly in my life.

7/21/17 12:14PM

I’m in the same boat as you, and I’m a bit older than you. You are definitely not too old to pursue a career in healthcare. Check out https://students-residents.aamc.org/ especially the “Inspiring Stories” under the “Choosing a Medical Career” tab. The “Career Changers” category will give you some perspective- it Read more

6/02/17 11:59AM

We need an emergency ruling before today’s Shade Court gets published-!

6/02/17 11:57AM

This is beautiful, and necessary. Thank you.

4/05/17 2:51PM

Would that count as shade? Just a simple reissuing/posting of the commercial- no superfluous comments or social media pagentry. We need a ruling!

3/07/17 2:05PM

I wish we still had QOTD, because this would win it.

2/20/17 2:39PM

Oh, this is perfect. I’ll take it one step further and put a “FuckBoy Repellant” label on it.

2/13/17 8:04PM

My. God. This rattled me to the core. I am so, so sorry that this happened to your Great-Grandmother and her sister. 

1/11/17 1:12PM

I was thinking this as well. Stop asking multi-part questions, or, at the very minimum, be persistent with one question, and hold him accountable to answering one question at a time. You can see the look on his face/see the gears grinding when a reporter asks him a multi-part question, as he’s filtering for key words Read more

11/15/16 4:18PM

This is awesome. I giggled like an idiot in anticipation of the horn honking in your video. I was not disappointed.

10/12/16 1:49PM

Slightly off-topic/tangential to the posted article, but I feel that it’s important. For the record, I do not support what nut-ball Gov. Fallin is proposing, and I believe that utilizing diverse energy sources (oil and gas, nuclear, solar, geothermal) is key for the US’s energy security and for reducing negative Read more

9/01/16 5:14PM

I initially read that line as “The parents have not yet responded to this shit. Read more