hoof art editorial
Jul 7

Good news, FF7R is literally the best FF game ever made. So you’ve got some stuff to look forward to. Read more

Jul 6

It’s easy to knock Abrams for his flaws as a director, but I think Star Trek has held up pretty well. It actually kind of helps that Abrams doesn’t really “get” Star Trek and delivered just a pretty decent space opera action movie without trying to delve to deeply into fan service or lore. Kelvin Universe Kirk and

Jul 1

In the video, Maggie is wearing a Mets shirt (which is technically classified as a Confederate monument because it celebrates a “lost cause”)

Jun 25

As a life-long Orlando Magic fan, I actually almost got kicked out the arena once for threatening Grant Hill. I think he was 2 or 3 years into destroying our cap space, so I was waving a water bottle from my seat (I was only like two rows behind him) and screaming, “FUCK YOU, GRANT! YOU’VE DESTROYED OUR TEAM!” Tracy Read more

Jun 11

Yikes. I wonder how long until they release their first redesign so I can buy one that doesn’t look like this?

Jun 5

Throw on your tactical BLM gear, throw a few flashbangs, and bash your friends with a riot shield in memory of all the POC needlessly murdered by racist, militarized police forces operating from one shining sea to the other! Read more

Jun 1

It’s taking actions that demonstrate you give a shit about other human beings. For some reason the Alt-right demonizes this practice.

May 21

The figure came after the Holiday Special. I only found out about Boba Fett after I watched the Holiday Special. That Christmas, I got a bunch of Star Wars figures, and my older sister helped me cut out the proofs-of-purchase, fill out the form and mail it (I was 5, she was 10…so she could actually write decently. Read more