6:55 PM

My ta da is that I intended to get 26 items graded today and I got 22! That’s not so bad! At about 2 pm, I was like, there’s no way. But I took a break and was like, Ok, honestly, if I can get 20 done, that’s respectable. And I did 22! :)

4:00 PM

I’m trying to force myself to take breaks regularly throughout the day and that was my morning break. Homey walked in and was like, Why are you crying?

3:54 PM

Oh, yes! We had to do a Target run last night (I had enough cat food for a month and thought, Oh, we’ll be in the clear by then! :P) and it was so anxiety-inducing. Target’s usually my safe space!

6:46 PM

It’s sunny and warm and thank god! I needed that vitamin D! I went for my bemasked, socially responsible distancing walk with a friend and it was so nice to talk to another human, even if we were shouting across the road. :) Read more