Mar 9 2018

scapegoats are more fun tho! WE’RE the good guys! ...right?

Mar 8 2018

Eli never cared for Papa John’s anyway. “Too spicy mama, too spicy” he would say when his wife would tell him to open the hanger for the airplane.

Mar 7 2018

Let’s not miss the most important part of this story: His Peyton Manning (18) Colts jersey has Marvin Harrison (88) sleeves.

Mar 7 2018

Frankly I think it’s weirdly sad you went out of your way to racially profile this anonymous teen girl, but sure

Mar 7 2018

Damn Michael B Jordan can even make roofs wet (I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry for this joke, I’m so sorry)

Feb 23 2018

If an atheist doesn’t proclaim their lack of faith every time it comes up, or when they think it might come up at some point later on, are they thrown out? Is there some kind of demerit system like for Crossfitters?

Feb 21 2018

Yet I languish in the greys while triggertown over here slow jerks it to 80%s. At least say something funny.

Feb 21 2018

I’m not sure why the dude’s teammate felt trying to move the ball boy was a better solution than trying to move the guy on top swinging away. Way to help, guy.

Sep 14 2017

Wait, is this real? And not totally made up satire? This is actually how this guy communicates with people? If so, is he then the love child of ‘the average 14 year old XBOX online player’ and ‘every right wing meme ever’???