8/31/16 12:44PM

I mean, if someone is waving a gun around in a situation that doesn’t warrant guns and aren’t respecting the rules of guns, including “no finger on the the trigger unless you are actively firing” and “never point a gun at another person you don’t intend to kill” (also called the “Don’t point it at anyone at all, what Read more

8/31/16 12:31PM

I think what it is stemming from is that he continues to act the way he does with very little consequence. He keeps doing hateful, violent things towards people and basically gets a slap on the wrist for it.And the behavior seems to escalate with each new incident.

8/31/16 12:23PM

You’d think a convicted felon with a history of assault and domestic violence charges, erratic behavior, and a ton of cash would be a little bit more careful about the company and guns they keep. But you know, whatever.

8/31/16 12:15PM

Okay, I don’t hate Chis Brown but his behavior, which is repeated, is not okay. Not for anyone. And, no, most celebrities do not act this way, and it wouldn’t be okay if they did. Read more

8/31/16 12:04PM

The police state that 2 firearms were recovered at the scene, collected in accordance with a proper warrant and paperwork. Read more

8/31/16 11:59AM

That was my first thought as well: “please flee the state, please flee the state, please flee the state”

8/31/16 11:52AM

“Here’s my coke, meth, heroin and weed. Since I gave it to you you can’t arrest me for it.”

8/31/16 11:47AM

The kind that constipate. Hence the need for a person to suck a fart out of him.

8/31/16 10:34AM

Surprised, right?? I mean, shocking news— wow, ya coulda knocked me ova widda featha. Read more

8/31/16 9:52AM

Chris Brown is a coward. Waving a gun around inside his home to compel some girl to go home is insane. Send him back to jail for a few months to refresh his memory of his actual importance in the world. And please neuter him.