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I honestly am shocked how people still love to crap on HRC. She lost an election sure, but she is being treated like she is Pol Pot or something. Is she supposed to do the walk of shame or self-immolate, because she lost? McCain, Romney, Gore, Kerry all lost, but they were allowed to keep their dignity. Kerry Read more

Oh, Leslie. Sigh. That episode where two men tried to get through her to-do list for the day and totally cocked it up was my lodestar. ‘Cuz that’s what you get when you try to cut corners: Raccoons everywhere! Read more

My issue is that I never saw him really giving back to democratic party, but being more than happy to use them when it suited him. It struck me as kind of entitled. I know he feels he wasn’t treated fairly, but that kind of goes both ways. Read more

The problems with the Dems are not that a woman is still talking. Read more

Bobs burgers is on Hulu, as is xfiles and Buffy the vampire slayer. Lately, I watch way more Hulu than I do Netflix. Netflix is putting a lot of stock in its original content, none of which I have really warmed to. Read more

Sandwich Day (“I will cut your face up so bad you’ll have a chin... you’ll all have chins!”) and Queen of Jordan 2 (“rude!”) Read more


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Oh yes, the Queen of Jordan episodes. They’re responsible for the best joke on 30 Rock ever:

Had this been a little white child and Black teens, you’d see them tried as adults.   Read more

I think every thing this administration does is to create a country of a mostly low wage servant class and a small group of “rulers”. They are going after every group they think are vulnerable , making it harder for them to get education, political power and life choices. I wish we could stop talking about how Read more

I don’t think she is anything but vicious, and never was naively thinking that because she is a woman she must be capable of understanding what is right. I just couldn’t quite wrap my head around the particulars of her thing with rape.....she is scary obviously. But even more so because of the wolf in sheep’s clothing Read more

Conservatives have made sexual assault a partisan issue, and she’s a devout Christian so double whammy. Boys are being vilified and falsely accused of heinous crimes by girls who, let’s be honest, aren’t the “good girls.” Good girls don’t put themselves in a position where they could tempt those poor slaves to their Read more

She’s one of those gross women who align themselves with the MRA’s instead of other women. And, it fits with Trump’s agenda of “burn everything Obama did to the ground.”
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That bitch can sit in on any freshman seminar with me in late September, and watch students who’ve been assaulted practically whither away in front of everyone. Read more

Had it not been for the changes to Title IX, Brigham Young University would not have been forced to reconsider their policy of investigating/kicking out students for Honor Code violations when they reported rapes. What DeVos wants is to go back to that and for that alone I consider her seriously evil. Read more

There is to my knowledge no situation that cannot be made worse by a statement from a police union spokesman. Read more

I play this game with my friends, where we try to think of something we wouldn’t believe Donald Trump said or did. Nobody ever wins, even if they think of something. Read more

Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you.
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I’m a long time lurker who lives about 30 miles south of downtown. This is worse than Ike and Allison. I’m trying to stay calm for my child but we have a long road to go before the water recedes. They’re evacuating hospitals in our med center and had helicopter rescues in my old neighborhood. I’m in a safe location Read more