Oct 26

It’s a shame she has graves’ but still, fuck her. She’s been saying nasty, spiteful things her entire career, including attacking the trans community. 

Oct 26

People have questions. Mine is “How was this ever considered ‘entertainment’?”

Sep 27

What the brand is NOT saying is that every version of their polos were standard desired uniform for the white racialist movement in England starting back in the 70s. Fred Perry polos were on every racist skinhead and, by the 80s, had emigrated to the U.S. and our white racist skinheads.   Read more

Sep 27

One thing that always stands out to me is the right wings lack of creativity and creative originality. I believe that right wing people are not creative because they lack empathy and empathy is a vital component for creating good art. I suspect that a lack of empathy is what draws these people to choosing to be right Read more

Sep 11

I wonder how long it’ll be until it’s revealed that one or more of the white folk at this party have connections to law enforcement? This stinks to high heaven.

Sep 11

What the hell were two brand new rookie cops doing patrolling together unsupervised, anyway? What could possibly go wrong with that policy?
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Sep 10

If #metoo taught us anything, it’s that even high profile actors can be harassed, intimidated and shamed, and that abusers enable and protect other abusers. There’s no way to know everything that went into her decisions to do those movies, or why she felt they were still highly respected enough to work with, but we do Read more

Sep 5

For all the talk of Firefly being cancelled too soon the fact it was cancelled is probably the only reason Whedon still had a career where he could continue writing “strong” female characters that inevitably fell apart the moment the man died or dumped them post 2002. Read more

Aug 24

Ellen deserves all the bouquets for being a pioneer, for opening doors for gays, for her hard work, talent and perseverance in making it in Hollywood. Read more

Aug 10

Yeah if wearing a mask feels suffocating and trapping how do they think being on a ventilator would feel?

Aug 10

Yeah, having trauma doesn’t mean you can’t also be carrying Covid-just like a person with autism can be carrying Covid, or a person with claustrophobia or breathing issues or cognitive disabilities.  Places you really have to go-like the grocery store-offer alternatives like curbside pickup or delivery so you don’t Read more

Aug 10

God. Wear a fucking mask. This is not about your assault. It is the worst thing that could ever have happened to you. And it truly sucks. And fuck that guy/girl/human. But, you know what?  This isn’t about that. And we all have traumatic shit we are dealing with right now. Wear a mask or stay the fuck home.