Oct 26 2017

This is a bummer, since I play in handheld most of the time. Doesn’t help that it’s usually in a bus, so no trays to set my Switch on to while my joycons are separated.

Aug 2 2017

To be honest I give Atlus a pass if they can keep making solid rpg that are not watered down. All these extra things spin offs or Milking pays the bills so we get good rpgs later. I can get behind that because everyone walks always with something. Also the dancing all night series was pretty new and cool in my book.

Apr 20 2017

The ‘It’s not a weapon, it’s a high tech prosthesis is a reference to Iron Man 2.

Apr 6 2017

I actually really enjoyed it. I don’t think they could have done much better.

Mar 8 2017

We now have a human/orangutan hybrid in the White House who’s allegedly committed both rape and sexual assault on multiple occasions and is advised by a wife-beating Nazi, the more awareness that we aren’t ok with that shit the better.

Feb 2 2017

What’s funny is that in the source material she doesn’t even know what nationality or race she really is. She just goes on being who she is, and listening to her ghost, because in a world where you can change bodies on a whim, and where your memories can be completely fabricated, all you have is the present. Read more