HippieChick: Butter Is My Favorite Food
Dec 10

She doesn’t even have to seek a lot in damages, just take him to court, make sure his name stays In the paper for a while, and this stays on his record.

Dec 10

But even some media outlets are guilty of downplaying the incident. For instance, the online edition of The State, Columbia, SC's paper, put the word violate in quotes in the headline. I think the use of quotes downplays the significance of the moment.

Dec 10

The fact that he lawyered up instead of just apologizing really says a lot.

Dec 10

Additionally, in a statement to CBS News, Callaway’s lawyer stated that he, “did not act with any criminal intentions” and that “Tommy is a loving husband and father.” Of course, how much he loves his wife and children is irrelevant to Callaway’s inability to keep his hands to himself. And besides, Bozarjian isn’t Read more

Dec 9

I promise you, collectively, black people are even more hung up on hygiene.

Dec 3

For some reason, Clint Eastwood and the other makers of Richard Jewell decided that the tragic story needed a retelling with the addition of a spicy suggestion that Kathy Scruggs fucked for tips. Read more

Oct 24

A Kanye album and a CoD game coming out on the same day? A lot of 12 year old kids who claim to have sex with everyone’s mother are going to be once again making a brilliant display of the failure of society.

Oct 24

God almighty, can you imagine if your fucking boss was like “Please don’t have sex other than with your spouse during the time we’re working on this project.”  It’s like that whole “I can’t have sex because my coach says it will hurt my performance” bullshit.

Oct 24

hahahahahahaha and I’m sure that everyone he asked respected his wishes and never had sex again. sure. fuckin’ hell this dude needs to just shut the fuck up already.

Oct 24

Seems a little extreme to call this a case of “ignoring [Big Freedia’s] existence” given she’s identified as featured artist right there in the official video title. This isn’t like when someone samples a song and moves along without crediting someone. Read more

Oct 24

I love Kesha, but this song and video ain’t it.

a) Black women used as only as props to support Kesha Read more

Oct 23

If a judge rules the credit is shared, does that make them each 50% that bitch?

Oct 15

This seems more an issue with the interviewer than Hillary. I do like that Chelsea wasn’t going to play the interviewers game and was direct.