HippieChick: Butter Is My Favorite Food
4:53 AM

Neighbors weird scarecrow. Scared the crap outta me when I got home one night lol

4:55 PM

Long time lurker, first-time poster! This story was told to me by my best friend’s older brother, and while it is perhaps not strictly scary, it is definitely eerie, and gave me chills the first time I heard it. Actually it still does when I think about it. Read more

11:58 AM

Every so often, we find ourselves looking back fondly on our childhood. The adventures we had with our siblings, our favorite hiding spots in the house, and sometimes that unreal memory of playing with a supernatural friend. Read more

9:39 AM

My first time contributing, finally! I live on the west coast of Norway, and despite the grim weather, I love the dark and moody atmosphere that the weather brings, especially in winter. Despite all the tales and stories, I have never seen anything out of the ordinary, although I can definitely understand how such an Read more

11:52 PM

Jim as a Buffy in disguise is just the best thing I’ve heard all day. If this was proposed to him I just picture him being like, “Slaying? Are you serious? I have to do the taxes, mow the lawn, and the Cubs play this afternoon. Screw slaying, I’m busy."

11:31 PM

I reread your story 10 times and didn’t realize Jim had stopped it until you mentioned it. I have so many thoughts: him charging her holding out a cross and yelling “the power of Christ compels you!!!”, or what if he himself was not what he seemed, a mild-mannered man but a Buffy in disguise? What battle did he fight Read more

8:30 PM

This is terrifying! I’m so glad my regular instinct is to not answer the door, not engage with strangers, etc. But it makes my stomach drop to know for certain that if that thing knocked at my door and my husband answered, he would invite it in.

10:30 AM

My parents thought they were just going to have one chid-me. My mom had my brother the summer before I started fourth grade. I was *relatively* okay with this. My mom had a c-section, and her mom came to stay because my baby brother was freaking huge and my dad had to get back to work.
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7:08 PM

I have zero scary stories because every time anything gets remotely spooky I nope out, or grab a cricket bat and DEAL WITH IT. I will not be the queer who always dies in a horror movie.

5:55 PM

Thank you! Apparently I’m the dumb person who dies first in a scary movie. I now realize somebody clearly was in my apartment, but initially I was like “Dude, I lose stuff all the time and this room is a ridiculous mess. How could you really remember where I throw everything in this shit pile where you KNOW something Read more

5:13 PM

Hi. I’ve been reading this scary story series for years but have never taken the time to tell my story: Read more

3:17 PM

I got into a fight with my boyfriend one night. For some reason we left my apartment to go to his new place we were both moving into even though there wasn’t any furniture in it it. We argued more and boned on the floor and argued more and then decided we should go back to my place so we could sleep in a bed. We were Read more