Dec 18 2017

The beast must be fed! There are apologies to parse, fuckers!

Dec 18 2017

“He “never groped” and “never coerced” his colleagues at any of his various media jobs, he claimed, adding, “I’m human. I’m not perfect but this doesn’t rise to the level” of sexual misconduct.” Read more

Dec 18 2017

Exactly.. Katie can to editorialize as she often does, but this interpretation has nothing to do with what Smiley said, “basically” or otherwise.

Dec 18 2017

With an important assist from the mysterious, invisible Ghostwriter.

Dec 18 2017

People need to start acknowledging and respecting the idea that people with disparate positions of status in an organization ethically shouldn’t enter into a sexual relationship. Boss/employee, teacher/student, supervisor/employee...there’s just an inherent imbalance that is being exploited.

Dec 18 2017

“Basically, it sounds like he considered himself untouchable, and is very annoyed to be facing consequences for his actions.”

No, it doesn’t sound like this at all, as can be seen by the quotes attributed to him directly above this disingenuous dismissal.