No mention about Carrie’s awful coat that looked like a down comforter she bought at the Bed Bath and Beyond going out of business sale?  Not to mention that there isn’t a closet on the entire island of Manhattan that could hold that monstrosity! Read more

Nice to see that some things never change.  I am talking, of course, about Tony Danza’s haircut from 1976. Read more

Half the reason I watch the show is for the amazing clothes, and frankly, her stand-up outfits are among her most boring.  I would kill for what she wears to the butcher shop or to a parent-teacher conference Read more

Mine as well - if your apology contains the words “if” or “but”, it’s not an apology. Read more

I was thinking the same thing - Mr. Rogers definitely did not have a live audience, and I think even having a few kids on set would be risky from a noise standpoint - especially since he was always asking questions.  What kid isn’t going to respond? Read more

This.  Beth’s reaction would have probably been the same no matter what the gender of the person Tess was kissing. Read more

IIRC, the ring-stuck-on-the-finger plot was from “The Lucy Show”, not “I Love Lucy”. Mr. Mooney had purchased his wife an expensive cocktail ring as a gift, and Lucy tried it on and couldn’t get it back off. Read more

I also scrape about 2/3 of the tartar sauce off of it as well. Read more

Except for Lenten Fridays they usually have to cook them to order for you, so at least you know it’s fresh. Read more

I was taught to use “him or her” if either gender applied in the 70's.  Also, I went to Catholic school so that might have been a factor as well. Read more

As far as personal questions go “Are you excited” was nothing. I was shocked by the number of people who asked me, “Was it planned?” I was a 30-year-old woman with no other kids who had been married for 4 years. Read more

He’s no Wasp.  He’s Irish Catholic. Read more

She was also great in the original “Fame” movie as the tough English teacher, Read more

Our local Italian fruit market/deli makes its own pizza sauce and sells it in plastic deli containers, and it’s awesome. Read more

At least the folks behind Seinfeld now longer have the most disappointing finale. This wasn’t as good as an average episode of theirs. Read more

Same here. I didn’t even realize it was a song before Eminem used it. Read more

I think we all know what Gene is desperately trying to hide from. Read more

Dang it! How dare you make me use one of my hoarded tissues on this! Read more