Denzel Washyourtongue
Oct 8 2019

Even if you don’t care you should still feel some sense of embarrassment that the President of your country is going through an impeachment inquiry. 

Oct 7 2019

wasn’t”god complex Kanye” supposed to be different than ”conservative Kanye?” both are sounding quite similar, in fact, in the part of the clip that was left out, Kanye brings out Candace Owen and she strangles a Bernie Sanders lookalike to death with her bare hands.  Read more

Oct 4 2019

He’s way past an ”L”. This idiot is at the point where we are all standing with our hands over our mouths in shock at how pathetic this thirsty asshole is.

Oct 2 2019

I’m happy with this. A few days ago we were all convinced that she was getting off after the judge introduced the castle doctrine, now she’s going to spend some time in jail doing nails, or whatever. Read more

Oct 1 2019

I am curious to see the demographics of the juries on some of those other cases before I make any assumptions. Ambers jury looked like an even mix of everyone that doesn’t look like her and some that do.

Sep 30 2019

After this verdict drops, my Texas brethren, would it be too difficult for you guys to not burn down the entire state? I’m planning a vacation and would like to see the place before the climate makes that considerably more difficult. Read more

Sep 26 2019

The sun is rising on this vampiric slice of dog shit. Keep punching. This is the section of the video game where the final boss flashes red exposing his weakness. One more uppercut will do. 

Sep 24 2019

I’d argue that Ro Khanna on C-Span speaking about that op-ed penned by those seven freshman in congress, is what finally pushed her in the right direction. Read more

Sep 22 2019

“You know, if I wake up tomorrow and I feel like I’m Chinese, it doesn’t necessarily make me Chinese. You know, there are biological and scientific issues that have to be dealt with, too,” Read more

Sep 20 2019

She hasn’t. Jones has most def. He throws up the set in almost every picture that I see him in. Cardi is gang-gang by association. Blood proper. I’m not sure on what specific set.

Sep 20 2019

Technically he didn’t snitch on cardi. He was asked if she was a blood and he said “yes”. She’s said it on many occasions, at this point it’s public knowledge. Read more