Herr Quattro - Has a 4-motion
Jan 20

You can absolutely divulge that Munro had purchased and sold Tesla stock this year without giving a jackass like Niedermayer any credence. Read more

Jan 15

Whoo, I have thoughts. I even argued this yesterday with a Ford person, and sorry, I will die on this yellow No. 3 hill. The Mach-E ain’t a Mustang, and a “Corvette-inspired” crossover will never be a Corvette.
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Jan 14

Or, it was so completely overrun with ads as to be virtually unplayable on any format except PC.

Jan 12

GM has certainly made their share of bad or questionable decisions over time (what 100 year old company hasn’t), but GM not able to innovate? Read more

Jan 12

Investors aren’t looking at anything with Tesla, it’s just pure delusion.

The P/E ratio is currently over 1,600. Investors would have to legitimately believe that Tesla’s future market cap will be $32 trillion? 15x more than the current most valuable company?

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Jan 12

nope no credit. this is cadillacs 4th rebrand in 16 years. they have no damn brand identity. 

Jan 12

Fully agreed, this point needs to talked about more.

Jan 12

Give GM a little credit here. We’re talking about a huge company that not too long ago made some utter pieces of shit on wheels and had a serious badge engineering problem. What they are doing here is not only a complete re-brand but a complete product and service portfolio replacement. That is amazingly difficult for Read more

Jan 7

I’ve never thrown a party of my ‘68 Cutlass, but this made me realize I’ve technically spent more money on presents for it than I have for myself. Read more

Jan 7

Other than all those cars, how was David Tracy as a neighbor?

Jan 6

Beyond those slimy tactics, I can’t imagine they attract the best talent. The Path of Mechanicdom seems to be line mechanic for an OEM dealer, get the factory training, work there until sick of it, open a specialist shop. That view may be colored by my ownership of lots of Euro cars tho. :)

Jan 4

As the owner of a triple-black, factory-stock Challenger I fully support this induction.

Dec 28

i saw a 2021 911 yesterday and i can confirm that the middle section stays illuminated on US models, contrary to what this post says.

Dec 22

A giant number of commenters don’t know the difference between a refresh and a complete redesign. 

Dec 22

It’s truly a sad day when BMWs current design direction makes the Bangle Era look almost acceptable.