Humans are Superior!
Jul 2

This is a shining-bright example of how the fucking scum of the Internet hides behind their keyboards spamming “KYS BITCH, NOBODY LOVES YOU, YOU’RE FUCKING WORTHLESS!!” until they actually do it.

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Jul 1

Great, lady, great for the Jews. Thank you so much! Like we don’t have enough trouble without you being an asshole AND announcing your religion at the same time. What people of a certain mindset will remember is the fact that you are Jewish and they will attribute your assholery to that. Good going. Please stay home.

Jun 30

Uh the new GOP and Fox News talking point is now this: Well The President gets so many briefings he can’t be expected to read all of them. Huh? Can you imagine if this were Barack Obama? Yeah I can’t but I just for the sake of this discussion want to imagine what would the reaction be from these soulless sacks of shit Read more

Jun 25

People are freaking out like the ride is being torn down. They’re simply updating it. It’s like when they changed Malestrom in Epcot to Frozen. It’s the same damn ride, just different themeing and updated special effects. There wasn’t a huge outcry like this. It’s almost like there’s some other reason...

Jun 25

This should be a crime. Yes that’s right trolls, a “thoughtcrime”. When you have the unique ability to mete out life and death on behalf of the State, it should straight up be a crime to even say this. There should be a nationwide law that functions a lot like the catchall of “reckless driving”. But for LEOs. If you Read more

Jun 23

The notion that entire, sentient races are naturally predisposed to certain levels of intelligence, or moral alignments, is baked into the game. That’s not the same as talking about “good and bad sides”. Read more

Jun 17

The more I know, the more I realize how much I don’t know. I never once gave this caricature a second thought. in fact I didn’t think she was real at all. I just thought she was the brainchild of some advertising executive in like the 60's or something.

Looking back I’m almost kinda glad I was never really a big Read more

Jun 16

I’m going to say it again: we’re in a recession now. There’s no reason for any employer to keep any of these people on after they go viral. Firing these assholes saves them from an HR nightmare and a bunch of lawsuits plus it gives them a PR boost.

Jun 16

CNN reports the man in the video was identified as Michael Henkel, a supervisor writ server for Philadelphia Family Court. Court spokesperson Martin O’Rourke Read more

Jun 11

Uh yeah this smells and that is all I got. Oh Amy McGrath if you want to get people on your side in your battle with Moscow Mitch you might want to mention Breonna Taylor and this injustice. Just sayin