Humans are Superior!
7:57 PM

I like the part where not even the cables were useful lol

5:04 PM

People CAN’T change on an individual level to make a difference. It has to come from the top. And that means capitalist governments actively fighting against capitalist interests.

11:55 AM

That Carol is just amazing. I really wish there was a way to purchase these but it doesn't look like he has a store setup yet. 

10:56 AM

Porgs were to cover up the actual animals living on the island...that turn into an attempt to sell merchandise. 

10:26 AM

And if you’re a woman, your work e-mail has to strike a very delicate, near-impossible balance between “friendly” and professional. Too light of a tone, and you’re not taken seriously because you’re a flighty woman. Write in a matter-of-fact way that’s similar to your male colleagues, and you’re a joyless ballbuster. Read more

4:06 PM

I will believe in both santa and jesus if that happens.

8:51 PM

Agree.  Warren is the only one who has actually sit down and thought about the details of what she wants to do.  Then she wrote it up and put it on paper and the internet for everybody to see.  Her opponents have taken cheap shots it her, but she had the balls to put the shit out there.  Everybody else is just putting Read more

2:37 PM

Americans are afraid of a woman president. They can’t handle the idea.

Also, we have enough oil and gas revenues to fund any fucking thing we want for every man, woman and child in the us for the next 500 years. So the question of “where will we get the money?” is boolshit.
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12:07 PM

Again for those that don’t know Trump’s biggest fear isn’t being exposed as a crook, incompetent, or stupid. It’s y’all finding out that his ass is broke. He also knows the minute he slithers out of office his fat ass will be going to jail. No passing go, no collecting $200, straight to fucking jail. This is why he Read more

11:04 AM

It seems like common sense to not have to say this, but here goes anyway:

Every single person that had something to say about the original design needs to get their ass to a theater and see the movie. I can’t think of another time where a movie studio immediately listened to the audience and backtracked this publicly Read more

4:44 PM

Oh yeah definitely a thing, it always feels like it’s some seemingly innocuous comment that gets filtered through personal feelings and taken as a personal attack.
I had a pair of producers I’d worked with for years say they were scared of me after a meeting. They barged into a meeting and kept interjecting because they Read more

9:37 AM

I’ve been living my whole life hearing about millennials being lazy, entitled, and sensitive. Ok Boomer has at least 20 more years before we are even.