Humans are Superior!
4:09 PM

This is bullshit and you know it.  We already know how concentration camps turned out, we don’t need an administration lackey discussing it.

10:31 AM

Before Trump I wouldn’t have believed it possible that a President could display such idiotic incompetence that he could, against all odds, somehow make withdrawing troops from the never ending quagmire of the Middle East into a bad thing. Read more

10:06 AM

But they don’t. They are ornery children, who have hitched their wagon to this ornery child's, and they're going with him NO MATTER WHAT.

9:59 AM

That Trump’s entire public-facing strategy appears to be “take me seriously, but only when it works in my favor; when I stick my head firmly up my fourth point of contact, I was obviously doing satire” would be, in any sane world, as damning an indictment as any Presidency would need to be entirely written off.

The man Read more

11:10 PM

This is what has always killed me. At the root of the whole “Actually, I hope Donald Trump stays in office, because Mike Pence would be so much worse” argument, there is the implication that he’s some master of the dark arts of politics. That he’s some chess master who knows how the machine works. Read more

2:38 PM

I mean, cool. But, you know, maybe show some compassion towards all victims of abuse? Maybe we shouldn’t immediately revert to toxic masculinity and say “what a little baby for calling the cops”? Read more

9:38 AM

Good for Baker. I sometimes get sick of him voicing seemingly everything (that Nolan North isn’t already doing), but if he’s standing up for his principles and supporting his union people, I’ve got more respect for him now.

9:21 PM

Where are our resident Trump trolls? I can’t even describe how disappointed I am that nobody is here carrying water for this fuck. I know you’re all hypocritical shitstain trolls, but I thought you at least had the strength to carry the party line. Read more

11:27 AM

I find myself thinking that President Trump is not merely one of the worst people his generation produced, but the embodiment of the collective id of that generation. Thin-skinned, venal, looking for someone else to blame and so very, very scared of changes. Read more

11:35 PM

I’m really hoping this is the floodgates opening, and that every chickenshit who kept their mouths shut for fear of retribution from the regime now feels empowered to come forward. Don't just put it in my veins, jab a needle into my chest and pump it straight into my heart.