Jul 3

Except we’ve met multiple centaurs by that point in the story. And we know they do not have that personality trait (they all act like variations on Chiron, who is also a big part of the centaur myth). And, in context, we know they wasn’t their motive in dragging her away either.

Jul 2

People dropping out of Fantastic Beasts would serve double duty as a rebuke to Rowling and a merciful end to a truly shitty new franchise. I’m all for it.

Jun 9

I really used to like that pairing before I realized she just paired up the two most queer coded characters in order to make them seem straight.

Jun 9

The fact that out of the blue Tonks was in love with Lupin, but it wasn't explained or explored and it didn't make sense. 

Jun 8

As a lady-person, I understand the desire (and sometimes need) for woman-only spaces.  What I don’t get is why these people think that trans women aren’t ALSO in need of these same safe spaces, considering they are at the highest risk for physical and sexual violence from men.

Apr 24

I remember when Bush was president, and the frustration I felt that someone so inarticulate was representing us to the world. Those truly were simpler times.

I’m really hoping that this demonstrates the fact that elections have consequences, because there are people mourning their loved ones right now because of Trump.

Mar 2

I mean his problems with black people went way beyond not being able to get their vote

Mar 1

I also feel that ranked choice voting in the primaries would provide more interesting results 

Feb 20

Oh my god shut the fuck up, two states out of 50 have voted. I’m an obvious Bernie supporter but just shut upppppppppppppppppppppppppppp

Feb 18

Honestly, I think it’s more that the writer chose to relay it in a scripted-sounding way. People do just... breathe. (Former journalist here.) 

Feb 11

Kids need to learn a lot of things eventually - like what sex is, but if a 6 year old ask, you don’t show them porn. There are age appropriate ways to answering challenging questions from children. Traumatizing children as means to and end is CHILD abuse. Let me guess, something along the lines of, “every rapist, Read more

Feb 11

The people who sexualize women’s athletic uniforms also often overlook the fact that, in many instances, the women don’t have a choice to wear something more modest even if they want to. I do not believe that NCAA gymnastics uniform rules permit anything other than the traditional one-piece leotard with brief-style

Jan 16

Agreed, I thought the idea was who ever dropped out first would hopefully then convert their supporters to the other to still push a progressive canidate. However, this is just pitting the 2 progressive camps against each other and at this point I dont think either bernie or warren would have a good conversion rate. Read more

Jan 16

This is the part that drives me crazy. Her mother told her she was part Cherokee. She believed it. I don’t understand why this is an issue. Plenty of people in this country think they are native, and they aren’t. I had a red-haired male colleague from Michigan tell me he was a minority because he was native. Men do Read more

Jan 6

That Ricky Gervais hosted the Golden Globes in 2020 is ironclad proof that the supposed excesses of “cancel culture” are not actually a thing, but only exist in the fever dreams of people who desperately want to shout the n-word and use “gay” as an insult. 

Jan 6

More accurately, Ricky Gervais is simply playing himself in The Office but with Stephen Merchant having sanded off the worst corners.

Dec 29

He has a dark sense of humor, he always says stuff like that in interviews. I really don’t think he’d have the career he does he sucked at his job.

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Dec 28

I just can’t hate on Robert Pattinson. Sure, the Twilight movies were utter garbage, but who can blame a dude who’s had like three small roles and then gets offered millions? Every time I see him speak he’s pretty honest about the fact that he lucked into an entire career. He doesn’t come off as playing the false Read more