Feb 6 2018

Ayup. That’s about how that one would turn out.

I studied Shuri Ryu Karate for almost two decades. You can learn some pretty gnarly techniques, and with enough time, practice, and dedication, you can become reasonably effective in a straight-up fight (all that shit about taking on fifteen guys is and always has been Read more

Jan 18 2018

You ever wonder what those 8 year old screechers on Call of Duty that made you sell your brand new $300 Xbox to Gamestop for the price of a Taco Bell value meal grew up to be?... xQc.

Jan 5 2018

To someone who doesn’t play GTA V and couldn’t care less about the balance of the game... the GIF at the top of the post is HILARIOUS!

Nov 14 2017

When I left Enterprise Rent-a-Car a few years ago, they were still using early-90s era PCs running DOS and printing on dot-matrix printers. It’s unbelievable how slow businesses are to evolve when it comes to technology.

Oct 29 2017

I remember seeing some “reviews” in Metacritic where they gave the game zero points and said that it got that because it’s obviously made anti-Trump game about Trump supporters and it’s liberal propaganda.
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Aug 17 2017

Also important to mention, if you kill a White walker a bunch of wights die. If you kill the Night Kill potentionally all will crumble.

Aug 17 2017

So Night King on a dragon — very cool. But if dragons breath fire and fire kills wights does zombie dragon still spew fire or now blows ice? If still spwewsmfire ain’t it a bit of a threat to Night King’s own army?

Aug 16 2017

Also while yes it was kind of dumb, can we just talk about how big a freaking bad ass Jon has become- dude’s like hilariously above the others to the point where he’s a proper hero of myth and legend type and unlike the romance between Jon and Dany its been such a slow journey that it feels earned.

Aug 1 2017

It, ironically, sounds like instructions for a fake cheat code in a Nintendo game. Like getting the triforce in OoT. Recharge your battery twelve times, on the FIFTH time, you have to stand on one leg until it hits exactly 79%. At this point you have to run a straight mile with a sketchy cat strapped into a baby Read more

Jul 24 2017

In this case Sansa was really saying what everyone else was thinking, and if Jon had just set off without defending him decision it would’ve led to a lot of Jon’s supporters thinking he was an idiot. Even lady Mormont was quick to agree with Sansa this time. Read more

Jul 24 2017

It’s not a lie tho, anime is indeed trash.

Jul 21 2017

True story, I dated a guy who lived down the street from the ice cream truck depot in the West Village. Around 5pm, every summer evening, they all roll out as an adorably coordinated sugar-fueled cheer army. The jingles were always delightful because even though they were loud, they just sound like happiness. Read more

Jul 6 2017

Yes, how so many ppl missed this book, blows me away. It’s literally the official timeline now. Plus, the unreleased Manga showing the first ever Link is well worth it. Dude is arrested, tortured, called a liar, by the citizens and still rises up to try and protect them.

Jun 16 2017

I vaguely recall seeing other 13-year-olds in swim trunks or bikinis when I was a kid. Those parents should be imprisoned.

Jun 14 2017

Programmers are very creative. They’re just normally geared towards coming up with creative ways to make things more efficient, not necessarily more enjoyable.

Jun 5 2017

i was a hardcore physical collector until hurricane sandy came and told me i’d be better off buying digital. the worst feeling in the world was losing my collection and realizing that fetishizing material goods aint worth it

Apr 13 2017

It was also more acceptable because Inaba was a shithole with nothing to do... I ended up spending a massive time fishing, and I didn’t like it at all, just because there was absolutely nothing else to do.